Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tahoe: Your Days Are Numbered

Well, my last day of work is today. It should be a lot of fun, it is Wednesday, so I'm only working from 1pm to 5pm. I think a few of us are going out for drinks afterwards at the brewery, and I'm hankering for a beer sampler!

I did some packing yesterday, and packed up all my clothes that I won't be wearing in the next few days or on the hike. I'm getting happier and happier with my decision to leave in just over a week. The rest of my housemates have found a new place, and I would pretty much be SOL if I hadn't already arranged to move back to Seattle. They are party animals who will be living a 'balla' lifestyle--I am not.

My room is almost clean, after five months of stock-piling clothes and stuffing bils and paper in hidden crevices. I still have to vacuum, but I can save that for tomorrow.

Leaving Tahoe is going to be pretty sad, because it really does rival Seattle and Venice for the prettiest places I've ever lived or visited. It is serene up here. If not for the zillions of drunken tourists every weekend, and my friends and family in Seattle--I'd be hard-pressed to move away. Every day I go to work, I find myself staring at the mountains or the lake, trying to burn those images into my mind for those lazy, rainy weekends in Seattle.

The John Muir hike with my Dad begins on Friday, and it is such a fitting way to end my time here in Tahoe. I think I've finally gotten the time to do some self-realization in Tahoe, and it'll be great to be able to talk with my Dad about it along the hike.

When I get back to Seattle, or maybe on the drive back with my Dad, I'm going to start working on a 'Tahoe Highlight Reel' post, with some of my favorite times and pictures from my five months here. I've had a great time down here, and I think it was nearly perfect for me. If I had stayed longer, I'd feel like a bum for being so lazy in my mid-twenties, but since I'm leaving now, I get a chance to go back to school and work on the beginnings of a career in teaching--which is really what I've always wanted to do.

So... look forward to a big Tahoe recap post, as well as tons of pictures from my hike with Dad in about two weeks! Hope everyone has a great couple of weeks!



Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Have a great time on the Hike MHG and looking forward to your Tahoe recap.

11:25 AM  

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