Monday, July 23, 2007

Hats, Hops and Hucks

Man, for only getting to play one point, due to the torn ligament in my ankle--I sure had a blast this weekend. Maybe too much of a blast at some points--especially during my fabulous dry-heaving Sunday morning. The tournament was as-advertised, and most everyone there was just a blast to be around. I took TONS of pictures, because I wasn't playing. I'll probably make a post tomorrow or the next day with a few of the better pictures. About half-way through taking pictures, I just decided to start snapping as many photos of smiling faces as I could--because there were a lot of smiling faces, and it was a great thing to see.

The team I ended up tagging along with went 0-5 on the weekend, but it was one of the most fun teams I've ever been a part of. We heckled other teams for a good six hours on Sunday, and we took numerous team-trips down to the creek to cool off. Mo, the tournament director, runs a great tournament, and after 15 years of holding this tournament, he's got it nearly down-pat. Lots of good food, too much beer to drink, and great fields to play on--I'm not sure what more to ask in a frisbee tournament.

My downfall came Saturday night, when I drank about 10 beers on a fairly empty stomach. I didn't even sip water that night, and on Sunday I was feeling it. I laid around in a near coma until about 1pm. I remember diving into the tent the night before, but I don't remember doing any of the elbowing or steam-rolling that my two lady-friends in the tent accused me of. I do remember tackling a few other people, but hey, that is just me when I get drunk and challenged to tackle somebody!

But yes, besides the not-remembering things part, and the dry-heaving on Sunday morning--I had an absolute blast. And hopefully some of the pictures will show what a blast other people were having :)

In other news, Julias_Goat is a bitch, and made me force-forfeit my chess game in the chess-tourney we're having. I'm pretty sure I was winning, and we're playing this tourney for money, so way to go, D-bag. We have two days to make a move, which I planned on making at Anne's place--but couldn't hook up with her because the internet was down at work on Friday and I couldn't get Anne's cell number from a friend in Seattle, because he was attending a wedding in Spokane.

Everyone else in the tournament sent me a reminder (which gives me another two days to move). To all of those people--thanks a million, I really appreciate that you didn't take the easy way out and make me forfeit, due to matters out of my control.

Also, Pirates v. Ninjas Part Three is up, over at MHG-RPG. I'm thinking about making Part 4 the finale, so if you have any crazy schemes when the pirates and ninjas meet, the time to comment is upon you--you have one week.

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Blogger Goat said...

Hey MHG, I was going to email you my apology, but I guess if you'll call me a douch-nozzle publicly I'll call myself one publicly.

Let's keep it simple.

I force-forfeited our game, fully aware of the fact that there was a mercy option.

I regret that decision. I actually regretted it pretty much right away.

I don't blame you for being miffed. I was technically within my rights to claim the game since you failed to move in the allotted time, but it was still a dick move. I try to do such things, but I did. Being within your rights doesn't make you right. One is technically within their rights to slow-roll too, I guess.

I wouldn't do it over again, but I can't undo it. I've since given Jordan the mercy option.

So there you go, my apologies, as sincere as I can write them.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Schaubs said...

There's only one solution...

If Goat goes on to take down second (because really, who is going to beat the ringer MattyMoves) then I suggest that Goat and MHG have a match for the 2nd place prize... or just give it to me. That makes the most sense, yep.

10:59 AM  
Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Apology accepted.

I just didn't want to let it slide.

Thanks for manning up.

11:03 AM  

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