Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RPG, WoW, and Armadillo Run!

Games, games and more games!

What else am I supposed to do while I'm laid up with a sprained ankle?

The latest installment of Pirates vs. Ninjas is up. It is a shorty, because I was busy this weekend (and I'll be busy again next weekend--but expect another installment by next Tuesday). I have a good idea of where the story is going now--and I'm looking forward to more improvising from the four horsemen who have nicely enough joined in the fun. Willy and Schaubs commented on the last post, and you can see what they suggested now. Tyler emailed me his suggestion, which will probably come into play in the next episode.

I attempted to play softball last night, and my best contribution was the 12-pack of PBR's that I brought to the dugout. We polished those off quickly, and with two innings left, we were thirsty and all out of beer--just like at a Major League park. We ended up losing in extra innings, and I got to play a bit of 3rd base. Didn't let any balls get by me, and even threw a runner or two out--so I felt like I contributed. If I had been 100%, who knows, we might have won!

I've been fighting the WoW itch for a while now, and I finally decided to download the game today. It took about 9 hours. And now I'm waiting for it to patch, which will take another hour or so. I really should have plugged into the router for this, instead of doing it all via the wireless connection--ah well, live and learn. I don't have to buy an account just yet, because my old one is active still, being taken care of by a friend.

While the download was happening, Tyler introduced me to a real cool game called Armadillo Run. It is on the featured links section to the right. It is an engineering-type game, and the demo shows you a little bit of how it works. Tyler sent me the full version, and I can send that out via some gmail trickery if anyone is interested. The game is addicting. You can finish the levels all sorts of different ways--using elastic ropes to sling-shot the armadillo to the goal, or using rockets and girders and rope. All in the name of engineering, of course!

Now to figure out what class to play in WoW... hmm...

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Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Hey MHG. Can you send me the Amardillo Run? Thanks.

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