Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holla at Me

Man, I haven't listened to Tupac in a while... good times. Tupac always reminds me of long high school nights riding around Seattle in Andrew's Honda, bumping the greatest rapper ever.

I just got back from hanging out at Tyler's place. It was a gorgeous summer day in Seattle, topping out at around 75 degrees... and I was cooped up in a First Aid training class down in South Seattle. I was ready to go toss the frisbee over at Greenlake the second I stepped out of the Red Cross office, and lucky for me, Tyler was down too.

We tossed for a bit, and finally got some long-tossing in, which we haven't done for a while. We usually keep the tossing short so we can chit-chat, but we backed it up a bit today and I got to run around a bit and throw some hucks. Frisbee fulfilled for the time being, thanks Tybo.

We walked back to his place and watched "300" for the first time. Renee and Tyler had already seen it, but didn't mind watching it again. I liked it, although I don't think it's at the Braveheart or Gladiator level. After the movie, Renee went to bed and Tyler fired up WoW. He got his 3v3 pvp team together with Mike and Guang, and I got to witness some high level arena pvp for the first time.

Before tonight, their combined record was something shabby like 7 wins and 20 losses. Tonight, they finished with 8 or 9 wins and only 4 or 5 losses, so they were doing very well! Three of their losses came against the same team with two druids and a rogue--which has me looking forward to playing my druid at high level, they've got quite a few options when they hit 70.

Ichi is staring down at me from the top of the computer I've got on my desk downstairs. He's got a little booger, but I think I'll let it stay there and let Watson make fun of him tomorrow. Ichi doesn't seem to like Tupac as much as I do, dumb cat.

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Blogger staceyface said...

i haven't been reading up as consistently as i like..so i may find the answer to this as i continue on.. but how are ichi and watson getting along? has ichi discovered the wonder of licking beaters yet?

5:22 PM  

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