Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Tapps'n It!

Have I already said how nice it is to be home?

Tyler, Marc and I spent Saturday morning hitting some tennis balls down at Bryant Park. Marc's started out the day with a "practice serve" that ended up being a homerun--clearing the fence by a wide margin. His serve picked up as we kept playing, and he got aces on both Tyler and I. I got a few aces of my own in, and we had a good time playing for maybe 90 minutes. Tyler never really played much tennis growing up, but his racquetball skills translate well to the game and he held his own against me and Marc.

We dropped Tyler off at his place, picked up Sarah at the U-Village QFC, then headed down to Lake Tapps. We hit a mighty big traffic jam on the way down to Auburn, and it took us about twice as long to get there than usual--but I napped in the back seat for a bit of the wait. I guess all four lanes of traffic were closed on I-5 South near Tacoma due to a big accident involving a car from the northboud lanes hopping the median. If I was riding my bike and that happened, it'd be game over for me. No continues.

The weather was pretty crappy out at the lake, it was drizziling rain when we got to the cabin. Usually when the weather is crappy, the lake is a pretty boring place to be. We play cards and what not, but the big appeal to the lake is obviously the water and having fun in the sun. That said, this trip was easily the most fun I've had out there in crappy weather.

Sarah, Marc and I were the first three out to the lake, and we started the afternoon off with some 3-handed pinnochle. Marc crushed us. We switched the game to Lier's Dice after finding a few extra dice in the Clue and Pictionary boxes. Lier's Dice is a game I picked up from Conor, Kristen and B.J. in Davis during a bye in a frisbee tournament this summer. The game is crazy amounts of fun. Lots of lying, lots of trickery--my kind of game! Coronas #1, #2 and #3 were drank during these first two games.

Jeremy showed up around 6pm, with two young ladies, neither his girlfriend... scandalous! Not really, Tanya had to work, and the two attractive ladies were friends from work, who also happen to captain the kickball team Marc and Jeremy picked up with this summer. Kim is from Massachusetts, and we spent a good amount of time talking about how the Yankees Suck! and some of the differences between West Coast and East Coast. Liz is from Michigan, and she might have the most energy of any 24-year old I've ever met. She was wrestling with Marc's co-worker Jamison, who is also a cop-in-training. Liz ended up on the ground with her hands in cuffed position more than once, but she tried a number of different tactics to try and take down the big guy. One included pretty much jumping onto him and wrapping her legs around him... maybe I should look into a career change.

Sam showed up a bit later, and we had a game of Asshole already going. He hopped right in and assumed the roll, and I think he kept the roll from that point on. I was Asshole a few times, and although a usually nice Asshole, I decided to change tactics for last night's game. Every card I dealt out, I was making people drink. As expected, I had my comeupance after the last card was dealt and power was restored to El' Presidente' Kim. Eventually the game changed to Bullshit Pyramid, one of Marc's favorites. We also got a few games of Lier's Dice in at some point, but my memory is a bit foggy.

Corona #4, Coors Light #5, PBR's #6, #7, Alaskan Amber #8, Fat Tire #9 and Miller Lite #10 were drank during the fun games.

I'm not sure how, but it was decided to start playing sardines. Marc hid while the rest of us drank out on the porch. Sam was wearing a headband that he stole from Liz, and Jamison requested a Karate Kid impression that almost was the end of Sammy C-K. He was in the crane position, went to kick and kicked a chair, stumbled backwards towards the railing... the small of his back hit the railing and he started flailing. He caught himself at the last second, and if not for the catch, he would have had a nice little drunken fall over the railing to tell the paramedics about.

We got to bed around 3am, and I woke up this morning around 9am to eggs and breakfast sausages by Chef Marc. They were a nice compliment to the poppiseed cake my Dad whipped up for us to bring out to the lake. Thanks, Dad! I was quite groggy this morning, and there was a tiny piece of me wishing I had consumed at least a drink or two of water before I went to bed. Jumping in the lake sobered me up quickly post-breakfast. We played all of the usual sports, wiffle ball, frisbee, football, and of course, Lake Tapps Hack.

Ed and June showed up as we were finishing lunch out on the porch. Talked with them for a bit, then Kim needed to get back to Seattle for some afternoon work. We all had a great time and are probably heading back out to the Lake again in late October to celebrate Liz and Marc's birthdays, which are one day apart.

My laptop is on the fritz. More on that later.

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