Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photo Week 14: Cabin Trip

This weekend was going to be a creative writing retreat up at my parents' cabin, but not many people could make the commitment, so it was only Josh and I up at the cabin this weekend. We went for a hike to Boulder Falls this morning, followed by ice cream at the country store ("two scoops" = six scoops), and a round of frisbee golf at the new course in Arlington. I had no idea a frisbee golf course popped up there until yesterday, when we were tossing the disc out at the ball field and kept seeing people tossing discs in the distance, so we investigated.

I still got a bit of writing in Saturday night, since Josh wasn't feeling well and hit the hay early. There was some private stuff that I've written about before, but the only thing that really came out of the writing was that I found the smell of the cabin to be a mix between an old folk's home and a campfire.



Blogger The Wife said...

I love the ice cream!!! Good memories!

8:50 AM  

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