Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo Week 10: Powder Day and PLU BBQ

Had the best ski day of the season on Friday. It had snowed 11" in the last 24 hours, and Ryan and I were getting snowed on pretty hard up on the mountain. The snow was really wet, which meant a good workout for our legs to push through all of the wet snow. We drank PBR tall boys on the slow chairlift on the backside, and it was snowing so hard we were completely white and the rims of the beer cans had a half-inch of snow on them during the 8-min ride up the mountain.

Saturday and Sunday I spent down in Tacoma, attending my third or fourth PLU BBQ ultimate frisbee tournament. This is a college ultimate tournament, with a few elite high school teams and also a few alumni teams. I've played with a Tacoma pickup team in the past, and the best we've done is losing in the semi-finals. This year my old college, UPS, finally had enough alumni players to make a team. We ended up going 7-0 and winning the entire tournament! I think there were a few teams better than us, but we won all of the big points and got lucky in a few key spots to take down the entire tournament. I got completely wrecked in our first game on Sunday, going up for a disc in the end zone and getting hit on the way up by one guy, then getting my feet taken out from under me by a second guy, and falling four feet onto my back, and then getting landed on by a third guy. I got the wind knocked out of me by landing on my back... that has never happened before, only from landing on my chest. Our team was using a "Judge Dredd" theme...



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