Saturday, March 06, 2010

Crazy Girl or Dream Girl?

Last we left our hero, he had sworn off crazy dream girl as being crazy. He was confident in his solitude and smiled to himself that it was she who would be missing out, and not the other way around. But she has returned.

Chapter Two:

An apology letter arrived in his mailbox, with crazy dream girl apologizing for her silent treatment the past few weeks, citing that she didn't know what to do in that awkward situation. Knowing that the thing with her and my teammate had ended the week before, I was willing to give her another shot...

We talked earlier in the week about getting together, and settled on Wednesday for a walk around Greenlake. We would both already be in Seattle around 3pm, and the weather forecast looked nice. I hustle down to Seattle from subbing in Everett, texting her at 2:30pm, letting her know I should be in Seattle by 3pm and asking her where we should meet up. She gets back to me at 3:30pm, saying that she worked from home today and that her meeting had been rescheduled for next week. This pissed me off a bit, because she could have let me know earlier in the day so I didn't rush down to Seattle right after school. I end up spending the rest of the afternoon and evening rock climbing, playing racquetball and ultimate frisbee--so the night wasn't a waste, it just wasn't exactly where I wanted to be spending my time. As I'm rock climbing, she and I text back and forth about plans for Thursday night. She wants me to come out there, and I say sure, but she has to cook something up. She counters that I need to bring the wine.

Thursday rolls around, and I'm excited for the evening. I sub in Seattle and have a great day, kind of giddy for the evening and full of positive energy. I wait around in Seattle, waiting for her to get off work. She sends me a text around 6pm, saying that she is tired from work and wants to know if we can go out for dinner instead of her cooking. I had boughten a nice bottle of wine, and was looking forward to sharing it and having some nice, home-cooked food--but instead I drive over to her area and don't mention the wine.

I have some fun with her on my arrival. The only other time we had met up in that area, she suggested parking in a specific location, where she said there are always spots available. I decide to park in another location and see if I can surprise her. She bombards me with texts while I find parking, so I know she has already parked and is waiting for me to arrive before heading into the restaurant. I know the unique car she drives, so it is easy to spot. She wants to know where I am, and I joke about starting a scavenger hunt. Eventually she texts, "I want to look out of my car and see you." And I text, "Look left."

Dinner is great, conversation is great. We talk about all sorts of things. Life, work, relationships, the future--all that good stuff. The waitress brings us the bill and crazy dream girl says, "Oh, I guess she doesn't think we want another drink." We head over to the dive bar across the street and grab a pitcher of cheap beer and stake out the pool table. Two guys are playing, and I challenge the two of them to play her and I. One guy ends up leaving, and crazy dream girl recruits a young lady from the bar to play with the other guy against us.

I catch fire, knocking in four of our striped balls before accidentally knocking in two of their solids... oops... on my first time to the table. Next shot of ours, she also knocks in one of their balls, so she can't mock me too much after that. We end up winning when their guy knocks in the 8-ball out of turn when they've still got five balls on the table to our none. Crazy dream girl and I play a game afterwards, with driver to the cabin this weekend on the line. I'm cruising to victory when she starts distracting me from the pool game with kisses. She tells me I'm a pretty good kisser. I quickly get disinterested in the pool game and we call it a draw. An hour later 11:00pm rolls around, and we decide to call it a night, both having to work the next day, but plan on either going up to the cabin or getting out on a hike this weekend. I walk her back to her car and we say goodnight. When I get home I have three texts from her, saying she is trying to stay awake until I get home. I let her know I'm home, and she sends a picture-message of her and her dog cuddled in bed--cute and sexy.

Friday I sub back up in Everett, and I'm on cloud nine all day. It is a class I have subbed for many times before, and I get a really good breakthrough with two difficult boys that rarely ever do work. We are working on problems together, and it takes a lot of effort from me to focus most of my attention on these two kids, but also keep the rest of the class working, but I feel like my energy reserves are limitless, even on just 5 hours of sleep. Crazy dream girl and I didn't have any set plans yet, but we had talked about heading up to the cabin Friday afternoon/evening, and if we did that I wanted as early a start as possible. I let her know when I get done teaching, around 2:30pm. She gets back to me at 3:30pm, saying that she is going out to happy hour with her new VP and boss (she just got a promotion at work), and that she will let me know when she's done. I take this to mean she wants to hang out tonight.

6pm rolls around, and I get a call from Will, asking if I am heading to a birthday party down in Tacoma, and if he and his girlfriend can get a ride. I tell him the Tacoma party is my Plan B, and I'm pretty sure I'll be busy, but I tell him I will give him a call at 7pm and let him know if my plans have fallen through. I text crazy dream girl at 6:30pm and tell her I would like to hang out, but if she's got other plans I'm going down to Tacoma at 7pm. She gets back to me quickly, saying that she has just left happy hour and is heading home. I take this to mean that we'll be hanging out soon, so I text Will back, saying I won't be able to give him a ride. She texts me, letting me know when she gets home, but that is all she says. I give her 15 minutes, then wonder what is up for the evening. She says that she is tired, and thinks she's going to just stay in for the rest of the night.

This rattles me, because again I think she could have been much more clear earlier, instead of having me wait for five hours. In hindsight, maybe she was wanting to hang out and then changed her mind when she got home and felt tired, I don't know. I tell her it wasn't cool to keep me in the dark. I call Will back and see if he and his lady still want to go down to Tacoma, he says sure, and the three of us head down shortly thereafter. On the drive down, she texts me and says sorry, and that it wasn't her intention to leave me in the dark, but she couldn't turn down happy hour with her new VP and boss. I tell her I understand and would have done the same thing. I'm not mad that she had happy hour, I'm mad at the lack of communication--but I don't know if I ever get that point across. Again, a fun night, but not my first pick of who I want to be spending my time with.

I wake up Saturday and send her a text, wondering if she wants to BBQ tonight. A few hours later she gets back to me and says that I was pretty harsh last night. I apologize, although feel a little bit like a bitch, because I feel like my point is valid. A few hours later I text her again asking her if she wants to come over and BBQ. No response. Haven't heard from her since. Been here before.

The little romantic angel on my shoulder says "Fight for her!" but the little rational angel says "Don't be her bitch! She's treating you like shit!"

It really just comes down to communication, and I think I did a crappy job of both communicating and reading too much into what she was saying. I want to talk about it with her, but now she is ignoring me, and I'm not going to bother trying to call her if she has ignored me for the past few days. For a communications major, she kind of sucks at communicating. The second time being ignored isn't as bad as the first time, because I knew what I was getting into the second time around. If a fun night of pecking and pool is the only thing to come out of this second go around, I'm fine with that, but it isn't what I want.

I'm sad/mad because I want to be spending time with her and I'm not. I'm not sure she understands that, or if she cares. She's got the power to make me feel like a billion bucks, but also to feel terrible. I'm not sure if that is a good thing, or me just being a silly boy. Working on Friday was amazing though, and I had a huge smile on my face pretty much all day.

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Blogger Schaubs said...

Scrap the text messaging and pick up the phone. There is a lot that gets lots in words (such as email) and I think this early in the relationship you need to be clear and understand each other.

Maybe she was already drunk and ready to pass out. Who knows. You can't tell by a text unless she texts "I'm smashed!"

Call her and take her to dinner. Pick her up this time.

7:52 AM  
Blogger The Blue Knave said...

She sounds like trouble to me. Might be fun trouble, I grant you, but the magic 8 ball says: watch out!

7:13 AM  
Blogger The Wife said...

I'm with the Knave . . . be careful. I don't know if she's intentionally using you, but I do know this . . . if it were me, and I felt half as giddy as you describe yourself (but I was her), I would be finding every excuse I could to spend time with you.

If she's tired once, she's tired once. If she's tired a lot of times and alters plans a lot (or is non-specific about plans) and you're having to work for it . . . I sense imbalance.

Don't let her have all the power. You're a nice, attractive, smart, and interesting young man - there is woman out there who will jump through hoops for you.

11:14 PM  

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