Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo Week 12: Weak 12

I snapped a few photos last night to make sure my 11-week streak stays alive. Josh, Flew, Derek and I ran the pool table at The Parkway for an hour. I started out hot, cutting in a ball that might have been my nicest pool shot ever. The cut was at such an angle that the cue ball ricocheted around the table twice as the object ball slowly made its way across the felt and into the side pocket.

I was down in T-town for my alma mater's first ever hosted ultimate frisbee tournament. They needed an 8th team to join and the Tacoma crew slapped together a team at the last minute. We beat UPS-A, then lost to Western 10-13 (collapsing after we were tied at 10's), and then we walloped UPS-B.



Blogger The Wife said...

Love the ball picture!

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