Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stevens Pass Day 2: Andrew and Eddie

Woke up at 5:30am in preparation for another 3 hour drive to the pass. This time I picked up Andrew and Eddie en route. Andrew is a skiing dynamo, and I grew up skiing with him and his family at Stevens Pass. He is a good, good skier. Eddie, on the other hand, has never been skiing or boarding. I volunteered by board, boots, gloves and goggles, and Eddie bought the lift ticket. Andrew and I zoomed off and took advantage of the 6" of powder for the morning, leaving Eddie on the Daisy chair with a few quick tips before we left.

Andrew and I bombed Big Chief for four runs, then caught the bottom of Double Diamond on our way over to Skyline. The back side was still closed, and the 7th Heaven chair was not in operation for some reason, there seemed to be plenty of snow. The run on Double Diamond was a lot of fun, as a normally snowed in run with moguls was a powder run with little trees instead of moguls. I fell into a few of those trees, but the run was still a lot of fun.

At about 11am we made our way up Skyline and were contemplating hiking up 7th Heaven. We had planned on meeting up with Eddie for lunch at noon, so we'd be cutting it close hiking. And hike we did. Unfortunately, unlike on Friday, when the hiking route had been all pathed for Kristy and I, this time I got to path find. And path finding through the powder and 6" on top of the old route is a grunt. I got confused by the snowboard routes, as they looked a lot like the very faint hiking route. I would find myself in waist-deep powder and realize I was going the wrong way. Eventually Andrew and I made it to the top, and a half dozen snowboarders had taken advantage of our trail-blazing and met us at the top. They continued hiking to the top and were about ready to steal my first tracks. Even though Andrew's thigh was cramping, I decided to bomb down to the restaurant, because we were late meeting Eddie and I wanted first tracks for doing all the work, damnit!

The hike and subsequent run really took it out of me, and after and hour long lunch, Andrew and I took the rest of the day easy. We rode up Daisy with Eddie first thing in the afternoon, and got a couple of goofy videos. In one video I got a good initiation spray in on Eddie, so my job as introducer to the winter wonderland that is skiing and snowboarding was complete! Sadly, I cannot upload the videos as they are 102mb and 107mb, just over the 100mb maximum.

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