Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Lovin'

The teaching cohort I am in is pretty ridiculous. It isn't news to anyone, but there are a lot of very attractive women in the teaching profession--mostly from Kindergarten through 3rd grade. I'm not used to hanging out with hot women. I've been very lucky in my relationships to always be the ugly one, but a few of the girls in this program are drop-dead, head-turning gorgeous--and I've been lucky enough to hang out with them both inside and outside of class for the past few weeks. They've all got boyfriends or husbands, which isn't a shocker. I'm not after a relationship, living at home and all, so friendship suits me just fine.

Saturday was spent playing tennis with Marc and going over to Caroline's house on Lake Washington for a little cohort get-together. We had pizza and sat on her dock in-between swims in the lake until sunset. I rode the motorcycle home and spent about five minutes there until Susie called me up and I jetted down to Capital Hill. She said she would dress up sexy if I would help her put together her furniture, not turning that down!

Sunday I jumped in Lake Washington again, this time with Susie down at Madrona Park. Susie was keeping her sexy going by wearing a bikini under her motorcycle gear--so hot.

On Monday, Caroline and her dog, Gretta, and I hiked Mt. Si, which is just north of North Bend, WA. The hike was a grunt at 4 miles and 3k elevation gain. Gretta helped pull us up the mountain, and we passed about a dozen people on the way up. The view from just below Haystack Rock is amazing. We could see the Seattle skyscrapers, Bellevue skyscrapers, Mt. Rainier, the Olympics, the Cascades... and I didn't bring a damn camera. The view of Seattle was amazing, downtown looked like a spec in the distance--I thought it had to be Bellevue until Caroline pointed out the even smaller spec to the right: the skyscrapers of Bellevue. After descending Mt. Si, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant for enchilladas and margaritas--perfect.

I've gone to the pool with Chelsey and Jenny a few times already this summer. Today was the most fun we've had at the pool, because we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves. We started out laying out in the sun on lounge chairs. Me in my swim trunks, Chelsey in her string bikini and Jenny in her tight bikini. Chelsey is a brunette model and loves to snowboard. Jenny is a tall blond swimmer. And I was pretty much in heaven.

To make matters more fun, the three of us shot some water basketball hoops, had a back-floating competition (I highly recommend this), and a diving board competition--biggest splash, smallest splash and style rounds. Then we each had our own pizza, taking advantage of Domino's $5.55 each for 3 medium pizzas. Lounging at the pool with two beautiful women in bikinis, and we're all scarfing down pizzas--perfect.

There is something extremely satisfying and self-esteem boosting about sitting out in a lounge chair, minding your own business, and having two knockouts walk into the pool, scoot lounge chairs close to you and strip down to their bikinis. I know every other guy in the pool is wondering what the hell is so special about my skinny ass.

This weekend? Riding the motorcycle down to Seaside, OR with Susie, and playing two days of beach ultimate--this is going to be awesome.

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Sorry to hear your not having a very good summer. Maybe parka season will treat you better.

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