Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poker Content!

What, what?! Got some poker in last night for the first time in a few weeks. I've never been known for my multi-table prowess, but I fired up four single-table SNG's last night, as I have been jonesing for my poker fix recently. I got knocked out of two tournaments fairly quickly, one with 8's vs 9's aipf, the other in a set vs. set on the flop. The 8's vs. 9's hand was weird, because there was a raiser from MP, and a LP caller. I had 8's in the SB and tried to squeeze (not smart this early in a tourney--but it was a micro-stakes game. I wasn't worried about their hands too much, but the BB insta-called, and I pretty much knew I was beat.

In the other two sit n' goes, I held the chip lead from 5 players left to the bubble breaking. I had fun applying lots of pressure, and getting lucky, but when the bubble broke, my luck went into the crapper and instead of adjusting my play, I got booted in 3rd in both SNG's. Not placing first in poker is a let down for me, but I like the fact that poker is one of the best ways to learn how to be a good loser (sportsmanship-wise, anger-management-wise). Because you lose so god damn often!

In one of SNG's I did well at, I held JT suited, raised it up from EP. Got min-raised from the hi-jack. The Button goes All-in for about 1k chips. SB pushes over the top for 2k chips (he was the big stack at the time). BB calls off all his chips, and while I was thinking about folding--when the BB called, I pretty much had to call. I can't think of a better hand to have than JTd in a 4-way all-in situation. The hijack actually did fold, though. My JTd against KJo, AA, QQ. Flop came with an Ace, river brought the Q, and I think when the dust cleared, I won with a flush, a set for AA, and a set for QQ. Later in that SNG, I cracked AA with 9h7h aipf. I was hitting!

Goal for next mutli-table madness is to make better decisions short-handed. I had two tables at 3-handed, but I don't think the multi-tabling aspect had anything to do with my poor decisions--which is a good thing. I probably got 200-300 hands of poker in during the hour I played last night, which is a much different number than the 25 hands I'd get in playing a full O8 ring game. It was a nice change of pace, and I'll probably try it a few more times tonight or this weekend.



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Hahhaha, give me a few minutes!

I'm posting right now and I have a very pathetic pic!

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