Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Math Day

I got home from tennis practice today at around 5pm and plopped down in the empty living room with my laptop, my math take-home test, and ESPN-HD. I was fighting between playing WoW for an hour or so, or finishing up my math take-home test which is due tomorrow. I decided on Plan: C and flipped on the tube.

I always forget about Monday Night Football. Saturdays are for college football. Sundays are for the NFL. Mondays are... for checking out blogs at work? I just don't associate Monday with football.

But since the Cowboys and the Bills were just getting underway, I decided to grab my math take-home test and work on that while watching the game. The Bills hadn't played on Monday Night Football in 13 years, and that stadium was rocking. They dominated pretty much the entire game, but couldn't keep the Cowboys down--even after five interceptions and a fumble from Romo. Six turnovers from the QB and you still win???

In the last 20 seconds of the game you have a touchdown, followed by a botched 2-pt attempt to tie the game lob-fade to T.O. in the end-zone. Followed by a successful onside kick by Dallas. 18 seconds left. Then a 20-yd pass to Owens and a spike with two seconds left... but wait, the booth decides to review the catch AFTER the spike play. The catch gets called incomplete, but the officials put back 13 seconds back on the clock. Get a complete pass towards the sideline for 4yds. 7 seconds left. Get another pass complete to the sidelines for 8yds. 2 seconds left. 53-yd field goal attempt... IS GOOD!!! wait... Buffalo apparently called a timeout before the snap. Reset. 53-yd attempt#2 is up... and it is GOOD! Dallas wins 25-24. What?!

The game definitely distracted me at times from my math work, but I spent nearly all of the game working on the test. I finished it just before the craziness with 20 seconds left--which is about 4 hours of math. A bit more than I thought I'd have, but I think I got every question correct and I'm looking forward to acing the in-class exam tomorrow. A few of the questions I was having issues with yesterday seemed to all come together tonight, and I'll leave you one in case you want to try your hand (it sucks):

Solve for x, y and z


And a much more fun problem:

Bob and Mary own a birdhouse-making company. They have two models, a single-home birdhouse and the deluxe multiplex birdhouse. The deluxe model sells for $20, while the single-home birdhouse sells for $12. Every single-home house takes Bob three hours to build and Mary one hour to paint and decorate. Every multiplex birdhouse takes Bob four hours to build and Mary two hours to paint and decorate. Bob can't work more than 48 hours per week, and Mary can't work more than 20 hours per week.

How many single-home birdhouses and multiplex birdhouses should Bob and Mary build if they want to maximize their profits?

Show your work!

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