Friday, October 05, 2007

Balance is a Bitch

Don't get me wrong, having balance in my life is probably the single-most important factor in my happiness. Too much poker, too much ultimate frisbee, too much of ANYTHING wears on me after a while. But when balance manifests itself in the form of a wicked hangover following an amazingly fun night out with the guys, it is a bitch.

Last night kicked ass.

Started out with Marc and I heading over to Magnuson Community Center and playing some racquetball. It was Marc's first time playing, but he played high school tennis with me at Roosevelt, so he can handle a racquet with the best of em'. He wasn't much competition the first handful of games, as he was still getting used to all of the angles and which way the ball bounces in a given situation (it is trickier than it sounds). But by the end of our hour, he beat me in a quick game to 3. Damn quick learners!

We were driving back to my place so he could get his car and head home, when I got a call from Andrew, who is in town until Saturday. He just finished a 7-week trip over to England and Ireland, of which I am extremely jealous. He had access to his aunt's vehicle while he was in England, and racked up $800 in gas driving across the entire country. At $8/gallon, it doesn't take much--but he hit the southernmost point, the westernmost, and also the most north point in England. Not bad!

After contemplating what to do, we settled on having a few drinks at Pies and Pints last night. We peer-pressured Marc into having a drink with us, even though he knew it would get him in "the dog house" with the wifey. Way to stand up to the boss, Marc! The three of us entered an extremely packed Pies and Pints right at 9:30pm, when their happy hour starts. We didn't get anything off the happy hour menu, but that was easily the busiest I've ever seen the place.

We chatted over a pint of Mac & Jacks, about his move down to Portland and his amazing pad down there. He and his girlfriend, along with one of his buddies from Seattle, are sharing an apartment in downtown Portland. The apartment is on the 3rd floor, there is a Mcmennamins on the first floor who have already OK'd Andrew and Becca to come down in their pajamas for late-night pints, and there is an outdoor pool and hot tub on the 9th floor, overlooking the city. Damn engineers and lawyers!

Marc eventually leaves as promised after his first beer, and Andrew and I continue to catch up over two more pints of African Amber Ale. By this time it is around midnight, and we decide to head over to the Montlake house to play some guitar hero (the only time I ever get to play). To our surprise, the house is packed with people. Four guys playing Counter-strike and another group of four watching DVR'ed episodes of 30 Rock. Andrew and I sat down for a few episodes of 30 Rock, and that show is ridiculously funny. It is right up there with Arrested Development when it comes to a pure entertainment sitcom.

We eventually got some guitar hero in when the sole-objecting lady left for home at 1:30am. I got to play the 80's edition last night, and we rocked the house. Can't wait to get some more rocking in on medium difficulty. They all play on expert and have their hands hurt, while I just take it slow and steady on EZ-Mode--feelin' the flow, groovin' it~ groovin' it~

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