Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oiy Vey

((Yes, I just added a japanese potty-training video to my links at the right. I don't know what you're thinking, but the video had me rolling!))

Sore throat and running nose didn't keep me from playing ultimate today out at Greenlake. Maybe it wasn't the smartest idea, but being cooped up inside is no fun. Although... it was fun staying in and playing in Kat's donkament last night. I had a lively table of Kat, Waffles and Bayne until Waffles got knocked out, then I got knocked out in 10th.

I feel I should be writing right now. Not a blog entry, but something more creative.

"But, why don't you just make your blog entry creative?"

No, shut up.

I think my problem is that I need more structure than how I currently write (or don't write). I know a story or fun idea won't always come to me the same way, and that I have to be flexible, but I need to get past the point I am at right now, which is: Holy crap an actual story is a lot to write. I've had some fun ideas that I want to try out, but I don't know where to start and just give up before I begin.

The past few weeks I've set a goal to either read or write for 30 minutes before I go to bed. I've been on a long stretch of non-book reading, and it feels good to go to sleep with a good book again. I'd like to push the 30 minutes to an hour eventually, but I know with school starting up on Monday and a job eventually to follow, I'd rather set a goal I can attain, instead of reaching too high too quick.

It'd be nice to con myself into writing once or twice a week, and do nothing but write for that hour or half hour. Once I get something down, I think the writing process will pick up speed, especially if I know I'll be following up in a day or two.

I guess that is my goal for the rest of the weekend. Take my laptop somewhere and just write. No looking for wireless internet to steal. No distracting myself with poker or WoW. Just get something on the page!

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