Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seattle, she just keeps you guessing

I don't see how people get depressed in Seattle. I was walking to school this morning, and it was a bit chilly and overcast. No rain, just a big shroud of gray over the city. When I left school this afternoon, the exact same shroud of gray was covering the city... it was like I hadn't missed anything at all! In California, when I went in to work in the morning, the sun was just starting to wake up on one side of the sky. When I left, it was ready to go to bed on the complete other side! Talk about a wasted day...

But, as much as I love Seattle, it really is one of the worst possible places in the U.S. to be a high school tennis coach. I must have checked the weather report a dozen times today. Our tennis practice got rained out at the last second yesterday, and I really didn't want to have to hop onto a yellow bus, drive 30 minutes, only for the tennis meet with Bothell to be rained out. The most reliable weather source out there had a 30% chance of rain in the greater Seattle area from 2pm through 8pm. The tennis match was from 3pm-6pm. Three hours, each with a 30% chance of rain. I didn't like my odds of staying dry this afternoon!

But, I did! I got all 20 of my guys a match, and we ended up losing 4-5 in the nine matches that counted. It was pretty brutal, we were tied at 3-3 after the six singles matches, and it came down to the doubles matches for the second meet in a row. Two of the doubles matches were tied at 5-5, playing a pro-set to 8, and we were up 6-1 in the third doubles match. So we only had to win one of the close matches to win the meet.

We ended up losing the #1 doubles match 6-8. So we then had to win both of the other matches, which were at 7-8 bad guys and 6-3 us. The tight 7-8 game we end up getting to a tie-break at 8 all, and my guys end up pulling out the tie-break 8-6! I was really excited for the guys, because the tennis meet result was pretty much based on their match... but the match we were leading 6-1 was now tied at 6 all, no!! We end up losing that match 6-8, and lose the meet. Their opponents rallied from a 1-6 deficit to win seven straight games to take the meet. Depressing on our part, but I won't lose any sleep over it (that is the good part about coaching JV--wins and losses don't matter, whee!).

After the match results were done, we ended up playing a huge game of king of the court, while we waited for the exhibition matches to finish up. Their coach and a few players joined in, and we were having a great time. Tennis coaching is a blast when everyone is good sports and having fun. Their coach told me about the Inglemoor team, and the terrible calls they were making--so I'm not looking forward to that match.

In writing news, I'm going to make a healthy effort to get something I'm proud of over on Fun With Words each week. For the most part, I don't want it to be something I've just written up and posted right away, like I do here. I want to think it out and maybe write it the first few days of the week, give it a few days to settle, then go back and edit it and have it posted by Monday night. I have a few ideas, and I'll possibly be branching out into poetry and song writing, which I haven't really attempted before. I have a story idea for a topic given to me by my 11th grade teacher, Mr. Grosskopf: "Create your own Utopia." There were a few prompts, but it sounds fun to begin with, then gets extremely overbearing very quick. I can already feel myself slowing down and shying away from finishing whatever I start on the topic, but I'd rather hurl myself blindly at the topic than just ignoring it.

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