Monday, September 10, 2007

The Onion's Fantasy Football!

As seen on Iron Girl's blog.

Dear Cranky NFL Fan,

Someone close to you has extended an invitation to play Onion Fantasy Football: Shattered Expectations. The Onion Sports editors have created the only fantasy football game that allows discerning fans to earn money by selecting the players most prone to disappointment. Weekly prizes of $500 and an overall season jackpot of $5,000 will motivate you to figure out which top player is going to drop the ball. Put your critical thinking skills and pessimistic nature to work at

League name: Seattle Loves Vick
Password: seattle

Pessimism? Rooting for good players to do bad? Sounds like it is time for poker bloggers to unite!



Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Hey Now MHG!!

Hope the new job is going well. I didnt start up a private league so I will join yours. I missed my picks for this week. I went to do them Sunday AM and they have to be in my Saturday.. Criminey!!

Like I said this gives us a chance to root for the bad beats, bad plays, sacks, interceptions etc.

How bout we start off with Week 2?


PS. Tell your buddy Brandon hes been slacking on his blog!!

11:43 AM  

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