Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sports Weekend, event #1

My weekend of sports started off with a bang today! I was able to lure Marc away from fixing a leaky roof at his new house, with two free tickets to the UW vs. Boise St. football game. I've been to a few Huskies games in my day, and this game was right up there in terms of excited anticipation.

Boise St. has been a Cinderella in college football for the last few years, much like Gonzaga in college basketball. Both of them really shouldn't be considered Cinderella's anymore, because they are so darned good. Last year, they pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all time, in my opinion:

So much trickery, and the starting running back who scores the final touchdown then proposes to the head cheerleader? Come on...

On to Washington, and its storied football history, which has been on a terrible downswing the last decade or so. When I was growing up, we won the National Championship, and were the team to beat in the Pac-10. I think we're ranked near the bottom now. But... we're improving.

Boise St. came into the game ranked #22, and UW unranked. I'm not sure why, but I just had a really good feeling about the chances of UW winning this game, and although it could still be argued that Boise St. is the better team, UW won the game 24-10. There were a couple of lucky plays, but the UW team looked so much better than years past. Marc and I were in the stands of 70,000 for a good 30 minutes before UW had a penalty called. They just played very solid, and mostly penalty-free football--which will get you a "W" in these closely-matched games.

On our march back to the car after the game, there was plenty of heckling going on from the rowdy college kids to all the Boise St. fans. The best heckle I heard was, "Your senator sucks cock!" Because, well--this guy is their senator:

After the game, Marc and I got about 90 minutes of tennis in. He won the first two games, then I won the rest. I wasn't hitting the ball well, but used some of my cunning... no, wait... ALL of my cunning, to defeat the evil Markay.

Tomorrow, Marc's hosting a football BBQ for the Seahawks first game, and then on Monday I've got two very nice seats for the Mariners' game against Oakland.

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