Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Well, OK, it hasn't been very sunny lately in the Pacific Northwest--but the rain is supposed to hold off for the rest of the week. It drizzled a bit today, but it cleared up for the first tennis practice post-cut. There were 15 guys who showed up to practice, even though it had rained only an hour earlier. I expected fewer to show due to the conditions, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We had some fun hitting balls for a few hours, and I look forward to practicing the rest of the week with no rain outs. We start matches next week, and I think the JV squad looks amazing already. I'm sure a few of the schools in our league will give us a run for our money, but I think we'll just steam-roll a few schools.

Thursday I start my three weeks of teacher observation, then at the end of those three weeks I start two pre-req classes at community college. I'll be taking Geography and College Algebra. I'm not too worried about either class, and I think they should be a good way to get me back into school mode. Once the spring semester rolls around and I'm pulling full-time work plus part-time school, the challenge begins. It is looking like Middle School is where I'll end up, but I'll know for sure in three weeks, after my observation is complete.

Fantasy football begins this week, and I am starting to get giddy again. I've re-installed Madden and plan on doing a little fantasy draft in the old 06' game. I've got a good fantasy squad in the draft I did with Seattle buddies and the Scott crew. I'm playing Tyler in the first week, and that boy is going to get whooped! We've got a few side-bets going already. $1 between four of us for the most fantasy points the first week. I might lose this one because Drew Brees is up against the Colts, and I think their D might be a little tough in Indianapolis. When Brees lines up against a terrible pass defense, and Steven Jackson gets a cream-puff team to run over, I'm going to pile up a ton of points. We've also got a nice bet going between the same four people, a last longer bet and the three losers buy the winner dinner. I'm hoping to get a few more bets in before the season starts, then have a slew of bets during the season!

The Pick'em league also starts this week, and I am spell-bound for this first week. Almost all of the games could go either way in my book, and I pretty much just picked at random. I'll of course be leading the league after this week! I shipped my $10 to Skidoo for that league and can't wait for the season to get going. I'll root for the Seahawks this year, but I think both the 49'ers and the Rams have a shot. Arizona... meh...

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