Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I love having a lazy day every now and then, and today was definitely that day. I woke up around 9am with plans of heading to Marc's house in South Everett for the 10am Seahawks game. Somehow I managed to flip off the snooze button and the next thing I know it is 9:50am. It takes 30 minutes to drive up to Marc's house, but I made it by the end of the 1st quarter.

I didn't miss much. The game was still scoreless at the start of the 2nd quarter, and Pittsburgh ended up routing Seattle 21-0. The Seahawks looked terrible. Marc and I got a few games of our NFL2K5 season in, tying one game and winning a few others. We broke in his dart board in his garage, and I choked in typical Chris-choking manner when it comes to playing games against Marc.

I did my fair share of push-ups while losing rounds of darts to Marc, until I packed it up and we moved back to the living room. We watched a bit more football, and played a game of spades on Yahoo. I love me some Yahoo Spades, so if anyone reading wants to get a game in (it is a partner trick-taking game), let me know. The only times I've played recently are with Marc, and we had a nice little 6-game streak going, which came to an end this afternoon. I got my rating up to 1901, but it dropped back down to mortal level after the loss. Marc and I got accused of cheating in a game we played a few nights ago--we never have--but Marc is an incredible luck-sack and I can see why our opponents thought we may have colluded (which isn't exactly rare on Yahoo Games).

After a good six hours spent at Marc's house watching football, drinking, playing video games and darts, I made the trip back down to Seattle. Glad I didn't ride the motorcycle up to Marc's house! It wasn't raining when I left this morning, but it POURED all afternoon, and I would have gotten soaked on the ride home. After making it back, I had an itch to play some WoW, but I had that "I think I've been lazy enough today" feeling, so I buckled down and worked on my Math take-home test--which is due on Tuesday. I've got a Geography exam coming up towards the end of this week, so it looks like more studying is in the cards for me. Expect me to relieve some of the studying stress at Kat's donkament on Friday!

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Blogger Chris said...

I'malways down for some Yahoo Spades... hit me up on Yahoo IM (doogman77).

10:51 AM  

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