Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Could Have Been Much Worse

Slept through my alarm clock this morning. Woke up with a 20 minute drive and 10 minutes to get there. Not good. Hadn't showered, hadn't brushed my teeth, and mysteriously awoke with a massive hangover.

(checks last two posts, "oooooh, right")

I dusted off the Explorer key and stepped outside to a beautiful light rain. I enjoy all the sun in California/Nevada, but I sure do miss the rain. The raindrops felt refreshing on my buzzed hair--a feeling which I hadn't experienced yet.

I drove very slowly to work, and started braking a couple hundred feet before the stop lights, to avoid any sudden herky-jerky movement. I was moving slow, sitting low, and smiling at the rain.

Made it to work ten minutes late, and had some trouble staying alert. Leann called my name about five times, and I didn't realize it until she started laughing. Pam called in at 8:45am and said she wasn't coming in today. Not cool. At first, I thought I might be able to stay and pick up some hours, then Flo and Alison thought I should say something to Dr. Proctor (real name) about Pam's taking advantage of my willing to work. I don't really mind most of the time, especially because I consider it future weight to use against her.

"Oh, you can't cover my shift? Remember the 10 days I covered for you?"

Not that mean, but you get the idea. Also, by making a hub-bub about Pam, it would just lead to awkwardness at the office, and I'm not too keen on that. But, I did end up talking to Proctor and just letting him know that I had previous plans, and wouldn't be able to stay. Partially true.

I had planned on observing today at the middle school, but with my hangover I wasn't sure if it was such a hot idea. I guilt-tripped myself into observing for an hour on my way home, so the big, bad karma beast wouldn't smite me for ditching work, and hours I should probably be snatching up. Stopped by the DMV for more self-punishment, which didn't turn out to be so bad. I'm just supposed to bring the title by when I get it in the mail in 3-4 weeks.

Made it home around 11:30am, finally had some breakfast, then crashed. It is hard to imagine that I'd still be at work right now if I had stayed. I would be beyond dead if I stayed. Fortunately for me, I won $50 in 50 minutes of $2/$4 HORSE at Full Tilt, so that makes me a little less bummed about missing out on work $$$.

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