Friday, June 01, 2007

Donkarama Bummer and My Script Begins!

Just after I hit submit on my last entry, a HUGE thunder clap occurred, and the first lightning strike I had seen all day struck down not more than a mile from our place. And the internet and tv promptly died. I called Charter to request a service guy to come out, and the earliest they could schedule an appointment is for Monday afternoon.

I had already registered for Kat's Donkarama, so I decided to take my laptop down into town and see if I could still bum a wireless connection from the Travelodge. I got the connection, but it was kind of flaky. I showed up about halfway through the rebuy period and immediately went all-in. I had A-T and doubled through Pushmonkey's A-9. He was right to call, because I literally would have pushed with anything on that first hand. I got about 10 or 15 minutes in, then lost an all-in after declaring I would flop trips. I didn't flop trips. And at the worst possible moment, my wireless connection crapped out, so I wasn't able to rebuy before the timer expired. It happened to Kat the first or second week of the tourney, and I felt terrible for her--it truly sucks. I wish you could just buy-in anytime during the first hour. Where is the harm in that?

I headed back home around sunset, and tried to climb to the top of our hill because the sunset was amazing. But, I had Ichi with me, and he was very hesitant. Especially when a dog started barking--so I didn't make it to a good vantage point, and didn't take any pictures.

I actually started up my screenplay tonight though, which is a bit amazing to me. I've only got 500 words so far, but I guess just under 700 is the magic number. Do 700 words a day, and you've got yourself the 20k word goal. There will be plenty days I don't write this month (including Vegas and the four days at the end of the month), so I'll need to have a few monster days. I'm hoping to write a lot this weekend. I have a good idea of what the next few scenes will be, so hopefully I can get a few thousand words down by Monday.

The internet got working again, but it has gone down twice since it came back up, so I haven't called to cancel the service appointment yet. I just assumed the lightning hit some cable box, but I must have been wrong.

In other, very appealing news (literally?), I'm a-pealin' from the top of my head. My hair is so short that I sun-burned my scalp at frisbee this weekend. I stupidly forgot a hat... but I'm not sure, can I even sun-screen my head when it has half an inch of hair on it? I've never had to before, because my hair was always long enough to cover the top of my head from those harmful UV rays. I'm thinking hat for the next tourney.

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