Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ichi "Alarm Clock" D'Cat

I woke up this morning to Ichi meowing from somewhere. Where? I had no clue. After a few minutes of his meowing, I rolled out of bed and tried to locate where the sound was coming from. It sort of sounded like he was upstairs, maybe locked in a room (we had visitors last night), but it also sounded like he might be outside. So, to avoid any unnecessary interaction with the marine-types that stayed the night last night--I checked outside first.

I held the door open for a minute, but the meowing persisted. It definitely sounded like he was outside though. The meowing got louder, and I looked around the side of the house where I thought Ichi might be. Then he poked his head over the side of the roof and MEEEEEEOOOOW!'d at me.

I would have taken a few pictures, but it was early, and I didn't even have my glasses on. After a few minutes of coaxing, Ichi jumped down onto the little front-doorway cover and I hopped up onto a chair and grabbed him by his scruff.

Once he was safely inside, chowing down his breakfast, my mind started wondering what possessed him to climb a tree and get onto the roof in the first place. A bear? A chipmunk? A bird? I sort of hope it was a bear, and Ichi was smart enough to get away... but I'm pretty sure it was a bird.

I crawled back into bed and Ichi curled into a ball on the back of my legs and we slept until noon.

The End.



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lol cute :)

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