Sunday, June 03, 2007


Finally decided to play around with the html of my blog. I've been wanting to make the "body" column wider to fit my ginormous pictures in for quite some time. At first, I played around with re-sizing the pictures, which a lot of people do--and it makes sense to do--but I like my pictures nice and BIG!

I found a good width, so when I link my pictures they won't overlap my links on the right. This is all well and good for picture-posts, but when I scrolled down to my long and rambly posts with no pictures, they were a bit tougher to read. I enjoy a smaller width for reading, sort of like a newspaper, so I decided to bump up my font size a couple of notches. The old, extra small text, along with the new, wide columns made for quite the squint-fest. I looked into changing the type of font, but I wasn't really sure how to go about doing that.

Not really sure how long I'll keep this setting, but I like the change for now. If there are any catastrophic hiccups (ones that might induce computer heart-attacks) on your end, let me know!



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