Sunday, June 03, 2007

Topless Sunday

Mission Accomplished. I didn't wear a shirt the entire day! It was just over 70 degrees from the time I woke up around noon until the sun set around 8pm. So perfect. Unfortunately, the weather is going to cool down this week, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. Damn mountain-living!

I had an incredibly relaxing weekend, which is just what I set out to do. Next weekend in Vegas is going to be crazy. I'm probably a bit nuts to be driving my 250cc motorcycle eight hours to Las Vegas, especially driving by Death Valley in the afternoon sun. This week it was 114 degrees there! I hope the highway is shaded, lol... Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to the trip.

Today I got a lot of things in that I'd been meaning to do this week. The biggie was cleaning up the rest of my room. I ended up finding a few things that were also on my list, including my time-chart for observation hours for the UW-Bothell teaching program--and also finding my old Starcraft CDs (in the bottom of my kitchen box???) that I had been looking for last week when Tyler told me that he and a few friends started playing again.

I got a run in along the beach in the early afternoon. I brought along a shirt, but never actually put it on. It was the same trail Jen and I went on last night for the sunset pictures, but this time I wanted to see how far the trail went. It turned out to only go a few hundred more feet, before it met up with a road in a private neighborhood (where the houses had private access to the beach). Oh well, it was still a nice run. Except for the part on the way back where I walked by a guy going down on a girl--literally a foot away from the path. Get a room, or go find somewhere more private at least, Jesus. I ran past an 80-year old guy a minute later and told him to watch out for the love-birds. He just stared at me. I hope his hearing aid was turned up?

Kristara was chilling on the beach when I passed by on the way home, so I stopped to chat with her for a bit. She was waiting for Jen to get off work so they could go para-sailing, but they got home an hour later and missed out again. One of these days they'll get their free ride. Para-sailing would be fun, but I wouldn't want to shell out the $80 or whatever it is... and sitting on the beach waiting really isn't a horrible afternoon.

After visiting with Kristara, I started walking back up the hill, only to find our garbage can along Hwy 50, with all of its contents strewn along the shoulder. Son of a BITCH, bear! At first, I thought Bob (Bob the bear) rolled our bear-proof garbage can 1000ft down the hill, then nudged it out in front of a truck to open up the can--but the can itself remained intact--so I'm not sure what possessed Bob to roll the damn thing all the way down to the Hwy. I guess momentum could have carried it, but... ugh. Cody and I went down with garbage bags to clean up the mess, and it was bad. I'm talking... pick up a piece of garbage, only to find maggots writhing not only on the ground underneath the garbage, but also on the underside of that piece of garbage. I'm a bit surprised neither of us hurled.

Some good came out of the whole ordeal though. We moved the little garbage can structure onto our porch, and we pressed it firmly against the wall--so there is little chance the bear can get to our garbage, let alone drag it all over the fucking place!

I'm not really sure what I did after that. Mostly just lounged around reading the WSOP updates on The WSOP is underway, and the bug has bitten me. Can't wait until next week when I'll be there, and get to experience the madness first-hand.

I caught a peak of Jen and Kristara walking off for another sunset jog, so I decided to go check out a rock-formation along the path I had seen the night before. I dug out my rock-climbing shoes that I had spotted while cleaning, and my nalgene (woot, re-found that too!), and walked to the rocks. I scoped it out, and it looked like there were zillions of different paths to choose from. The top of the rocks was about 50ft from the bottom, and there were four different peaks. I got to the top of all of the different peaks, then messed around on all sides. Eventually, I picked a side that had some very easy routes, and then some much more difficult ones. I did an easy route, then walked around from the top and chose a different route. I did this about five times, without pushing myself too hard--but hard enough to work up a sweat and feel like I was working, without being risky.

It felt great to go rock-climbing again, and my left shoulder, which put an end to my rock-climbing back at UPS, didn't hurt at all. As I was rock-climbing, I was thinking how cool it would be to toss my rock-climbing shoes in my backpack with a nalgene, motorcycle to a trail head and be able to slap on the shoes if I see fun rocks along the way. If I wore a swim-suit hiking, I'd be prepared for just about anything :)

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