Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Amazing Life

Being a middle school teacher would be an amazing life. Unless unforeseen obstacles pop up, I don't have any doubt that I can do this. The classes I observed today were much better than I anticipated. I didn't really feel like it would be terrible, but I thought it would be a bit awkward sitting in the back of a class and observing. But the teacher and nearly all of the students made me feel welcome from right off the bat.

Those kids are amazingly smart too. I probably am a little lucky in the teacher I found to observe, but the kids were so inquisitive and jumpy it made for a very fun atmosphere. I'm sure summer and the good weather has a lot to do with it, but I think I'd prefer a jumpy class over a class where a select few raise their hand and actually volunteer an answer. I think at the high school level you probably get more of that.

Personally, I had an amazing time in middle school growing up, and I got to relive a bit of that today. The first few years of high school I pretty much slept through. I'm sure all kids are different, but it seems like in middle school a lot of the cliques haven't quite been made yet, and a lot of the issues in high school (relationships, gangs, parties) aren't really present in middle school. All of the kids today were respectful of the teacher and each other (for the most part), and knew the material down pat. The teacher I observed, Ms. Vaughn, had a lot of teaching methods I'd never heard of before, but were great at getting the class involved and learning. I think I'll learn a lot by observing her classes.

I even get to play basketball during the lunch break at Kahle, which is just a few minutes away. Tuesdays and Thursdays are quickly becoming my fun days :) I know there is a lot more behind the scenes work to be done as a teacher, but I'm practically drooling thinking about the summer vacation, and all of the other vacations teachers get. I want! Also, the stimulation--I can only take so much sitting in an office. When you teach the same material to two different classes, but have completely different experiences because of the different students and different questions they ask, it makes for a very unique and rewarding day :)

Sipping a Newcastle and posting from the porch isn't a bad life either!



Anonymous Ginny said...

Wow. That was quick. You talked your way into getting in your observation hours...and already started. Impressive. Do remember that California teaching is considerably more "scripted" than in Washington. Otherwise, I doubt it's much different. Sounds like you've got a great teacher to observe. Hope you're taking notes.

3:56 PM  

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