Saturday, May 05, 2007

Be Water, My Friend

I'll admit it, I'm in ninja-mode. I look around the house and think to myself, "I bet I could do a pull-up on that support beam, then jump over to the balcony. That'd be so much cooler than just walking up the stairs." It is times like this I wish my house had little rock-climbing holds all over the walls and ceiling. That would kick all kinds of ass. This house actually has some rock interior around the fireplace, but it only goes up about three feet on the wall.

"Enter the Dragon" was on TV today, which is partly to blame for my ninja-mode taking off. Bruce Lee is just badass. The scene where he traps a snake, puts it into a satchel, then sneaks into the secret underground opium-plant and tosses the snake into the guard booth? Yeah, that is what I want to do right now.

Watching kung-fu movies is fun. I think the part I like best besides the stealth and subtlety are the kicks. Those guys and their crazy eye-high kicks. If I tried to do that, I'd either sprain something or be on the floor. Most likely both. Sort of like watching the Blue Angels, watching kung-fu is neat because it is something that I'll never be able to do.

((post interrupt--Kristara is missing her wallet and decided to go check outside to check in her car. she opens the door to go outside and SLAMS the door and runs into the kitchen screaming. got to watch out for those bears on the porch! lol!))

I think my project tonight will be to write a little ninja story~

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