Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wil's HORSE tourney

The tourney was fun, it was nice to play with some familiar faces. I ended up busting HoP with an over-the-top wheel when he was a low-stack nearing the first break. Score one for the newbie!

The table banter was alive, although it did lack a little female lovin'.

Sucked out on GCox a few times, all in preparation for a big blowup.

The big blowup didn't really happen, it was more like a a slow bleed. I got my fair share of the bring-in's, and didn't press the issue playing inferior cards. The back-breaker was the first hand of the third round of hold'em, and I got dealt pocket Kings in the cut-off. We were down to 7 players from the original 24. I had just over two big blinds at this point (no one had more than 10BB's), and raised nearly all-in being the first into the pot. GCox folded, and the SB folded, leaving only Minx in the BB with just under a BB left in his stack after posting. He is pretty much calling with any two here, in order to fight for a spot in the money, and call he did, with 8-2o. Flop comes out harmless, then running 8's send me packing. Ouch! Good call by Minx though, if he folds the crappy BB hand, he's pretty much got no chance at the top 3.

Hoping to hit the mookie up tomorrow~



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