Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hat in the Sac 07'

What a weekend! I crawled out of bed just before 7am, grabbed my ultimate stuff and a banana, then headed off for Sacramento.

A pretty drive through the Tahoe forest and two hours later, I arrived at the fields. Roxie was the Tournament Director for this tourney, and since we're friends she put me on her team. We ended up having a super fun team, and we weren't half bad either! We ended up winning all three of our pool games, which matched us against the #2 seed from the other pool in the semi-finals.

The semi-final game really could have gone either way, but I wanted to play in the finals BAD, and ended up giving a Patton-esque speech to motivate the troops. We ended up coming back from a 1-3 deficit to win 11-7. I threw lots of swilly (poorly thrown, float down into groups of people instead of going to the person you mean it to) hucks (deep throws), but we had height and hops on our side--and my teammates saved my ass on numerous occasions. It was money.

We made it to the finals against the other undefeated team of the day, and we ended up just getting worn out. I think the final score was 13-9 them. We were ahead at the half 7-6, but just ran out of gas. I was just happy to play in the last game--the sideline crowd was rocking and heckling intensely, which made for a very fun playing atmosphere.

The funnest point of the tournament for me had to be the first point of the finals game. We decided to do a spirit point, where everyone had to hold something the entire point. Many people opted to run around with their nalgenes (the smart people), others chose beer (the awesome people), and yours truly? Guesses? That's right, I took a live-action video of the point!

*edit* argh, it seems the video is 4mins and 369mb, which is too damn big to upload--I'll try to edit it and get the file size down so I can upload it later.

Unfortunately I played terribly in the point, throwing 3 or 4 turnovers (not good!), but I did get a bit of jawing with the sideline in, as well as a D, and getting to talk about Josh's mom, forcing (?) a turnover. Oh, and I got to pull the disc!

Here is a new flickr I made, with photos from the tourney. There were a few awesome hats I just had to get pictures of.

Mid-way through the Finals game I started losing vision on the left side of my left eye, which has happened a few times before. The last time it happened was running too hard at frisbee as well. The time before I was driving to Sacramento in 100 degree weather with no AC. Apparently losing vision isn't a good thing, and is a trait of heat exhaustion. I ended up crashing for a few hours, not really able to do anything but just lay on the ground (or couch).

Luckily, I started feeling better, and took a shower at Roxie's. We ended up having another game night at her place. We played some charades, and Connor and I rocked the question-giving. Some of his good ones included (remember, this is charades) "Explosive Diarrhea" "Ron Jeremy" "Basic Instinct" I was thinking along very similar lines with "Dick Tracy" and "Porn Star." All five were guessed, but "Explosive Diarrhea" had to be passed once before someone got it. Luckily for me, I had some of the easiest ones to act out, including "Madonna" and "Moscow."

We also played drinking Candyland (so potent for a children's game), and we also played this very funny, very fun game called "Bunnies." I found the explanation on Katitude's blog, and here is the instructional video of how to play:

The video is a bit over-the-top at points, but the game is great fun. Especially played with happy and exhausted frisbee-ers. I think it took us a good 10 minutes to get more than two passes in before someone had to drink.

Headed back to Tahoe this morning and, besides the eyelash digging into my left eye the entire trip, it was a nice drive. Made it back to a sunny and 60 degree Tahoe, which feels a lot more like 70, because it has been so cold recently (also because I'm a bit sunburned from yesterday). Here's a picture of me where I'm blogging from this afternoon:

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Wireless internet, out on the porch--the only thing missing from the picture is a nice, cold beverage--but I've had enough of those for one weekend. How do you like the summer do? Shortest my hair has ever been!

And what blog post is complete without a picture of my cat and his new catnip toy?

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