Friday, April 27, 2007

Ideal Afternoon

Got off work 3 hours early today on a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon. I kicked around the soccer ball with Hector while I was still on the clock. That guy has some soccer-hacking skills, he can bounce it from his left shoulder to his right shoulder and back again. He'd do some crazy move, then pass it off to me, and I'd kick it into a car on accident (or just miss it completely), then pass it in his general direction.

It was awesome!

After getting off work early, I headed to the store and bought some chicken tenders, jo-jo's and a six-pack of Newcastle. Talk about a good trip to the store! The Newcastle was even on sale!

"Everything's coming up Milhouse!" --Milhouse

I come home to a loving Ichi and sit out on the porch with my little buddy. We eat my chicken tenders and jo-jo's. Ichi doesn't get any of my Newcastle, but he's happy and I'm happy.

Immensely looking forward to tomorrow and the Sacramento frisbee tourney. I'm a bit worried that my ankle will re-sprain, and I'll be forced to watch from the side-lines. But even that isn't so bad, so really all signs point to having fun in the sun. Then we'll no doubt head to Roxie's for another fun night of cards or some sort of games that involve drinking--EEE!

Nothing sounds better to me right now than going on Nature Walk #2, so that's what I'm gonna do! Meeting up with Dirk tonight. We're going to drink a beer or two, trespass into a hot tub somewhere in the Friday night madness, and get psyched about tomorrow.

Expect some pictures from the nature walk and the frisbee fun~



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