Friday, April 27, 2007

Drunk Post #1


Plan, I think, was to have fun with nataure, then go hot tub, then sleep.

Acutal--fun with nature and ichi, then hot tub with Dirk, then come home to beer. pong.

I decided to play the "fuck you youngsters, I'm the beer pong CHAMP!" bitches

Reminded me a big of the one time I was in a frat--sigma chi beer pong night?

Except this time, instead of losing to Stacey, Tessa, and ???, I fucking proved it, and kicked ass. Kristara and I kicked ass, and beat the champs, then we won another game, then I decided guys vs. girls was the name of the game, and the guys kicked the girls ass. They had to drink lots off beer, and we won, and now I'm trying to get some sleep for frisbee tomorrrow. Smart? nope! fun? heck yes!

Damn younstars.

Your boy piznut, C. (tupac) *((track 2))

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