Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Much better

Today pretty much sucked work-wise, but I feel great now. I just realized I needed some Radiohead and a beer. And cookies. I was only supposed to work part-time today, 8am-11am, then go play basketball for the first time in a week. But, the person who was supposed to work the rest of the day called in at about 10am and said her daughter was sick.

I hit a lot of different moods today. I felt both really good about myself and really bad about myself at times. The first thought that went through my head when I heard Pam wouldn't be coming in was, "are you serious?" I felt bad for the other two ladies up front, because they'd have to do a shit-ton of work in the afternoon. I volunteered to work until noon to help out, but still be able to play basketball. That's when Flo laughed and said, "Oh, you're not leaving today, sonny!"

What the Fuck? Was I scheduled to work today? No? OK, that's what I thought. I tried to think up an elaborate plan to weasel my way out of working in the afternoon, so I could play basketball:

Oh, a friend of mine is in town and we're going hiking this afternoon.

Can't work this afternoon, just remembered I have to observe a classroom for that teaching degree I was talking to you about earlier...

... yeah, I couldn't think up anything good, and in the process of trying to come up with a lie to get out of working, I started feeling guilty. I didn't have shit to do all afternoon besides basketball, and I could use the money. I also thought about Pam and her situation--she was at the mercy of her child. When I have a child, I'm sure there will be unexpected interruptions to my set plans all the time. When that happens, I hope others will understand my situation.

I ended up resigned to the fact that I'd work the rest of the day, but I wasn't too happy about it. I went to lunch and drove to the basketball courts and played for 45 minutes, then got a slice of pizza and headed back to the clinic for a nice, 90-minute lunch. They weren't too happy, but what could they do? Looking back, I'm a little ashamed of my selfishness, but at the time, if I hadn't gone and played basketball and relaxed a bit, I would have been absolutely no fun to be around in the afternoon.

On one hand, I'm glad I decided to be nice and work the rest of the day to cover Pam's ass, but on the other hand, I wish I could have just said, "sure, I'm not doing anything, I can work for her," instead of putting up a fuss. I don't aim to be the person who constantly gets taken advantage of, but I'd like to be a bit more helpful when it comes to things like covering for others, especially when I don't have any other important engagements. I guess the thing that put me on tilt to start, was the fact that she never asked if anyone could cover, she just said, "Oh, my daughter is sick, I won't be coming in today."

By the end of the workday, I was feeling much better, because everyone was in a good mood. If I had just ditched out, I doubt they would fire me, but there would be a lot of resentment in the air. About 5 years ago, I probably would have just left, and told them to be mad at Pam, not me. I'm glad I've grown up a bit. Also, at the end of the day Pam called, and wanted to know if I would like tomorrow off. I know she was searching for more hours, but it also seemed like a nice gesture, which I took. No work tomorrow! Yay! There are also supposed to be T-storms tomorrow, so I might set up camp in the Exploder somewhere, and take some photos :)

In other news, I'll be heading to VEGAS June 7th-10th this year! Woo! Half to meet some poker bloggers at the WPBT Summer Classic, half to hang with Brandon in his mansion and sweat his WSOP run. This will be the first bloggers get-together I've attended, and I know I'll have a good time. I'll likely start playing the nightly blogger games again leading up to the event, to sharpen my skills and see who else will be showing up in Vegas.

Just signed up for the "WWdN: HORSE Funtimes" tourney and see a few familiar faces already registered. Hoyazo and Wil Wheaton are the two out of the seven I recognize from my old playing days. I hope Wil makes it out to Vegas for the blogger classic, from everything I've heard and read, he's a hilarious guy (and has a small cameo in the keno incident youtube video linked below). HORSE is my game! On the basketball court, on the green felt of the poker table, even playing Tony Hawk... bring it!

I hope I don't squander too much money in Vegas on that extended weekend, any idea of a stop-loss limit I should set? $400? $500? Of course, I fully expect to win at craps, blackjack, pai-gow, poker, roulette, three card poker, spanish 21, baccarat, horse races, sports betting, flipping coins, and the many, many prop bets--but just in case things don't go according to plan, I don't want to resort to eating keno crayons (did I forget keno in that list?) to get back to even! Man, that is a classic.

Viva la poker bloggers!

Also, thanks to Brandon for finally paying up on our Push-up bet from last Thanksgiving. The money will eventually go to some good people in the blogging community, through my moronic play on the virtual felt. When I get back in Seattle, we'll have to work on a bet with more incentive for you (or just go play in a basketball league to get in shape).

Time for some HORSE!

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