Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who needs a Title? Not me!

Only got a trace of snow last night. I figured we'd get a few inches, the way it was dumping yesterday, but I'm not complaining. We're supposed to get an inch or two tonight, so hopefully all the patients cancel their appointments at the clinic on Friday! Weeks just breeze by when you're only working part-time. I'm tempted to get another job, but I sort of feel like flexibility at my current job is important (and I have no clue how long Pam will stick around)--and as long as I break-even in Tahoe money-wise, I should be fine for the move back to Seattle. Yet another reason not to get a motorcycle, bah.

Ended up winning the chess game against Tyler late last night, but he put up a much tougher fight than I envisioned. He's got some skills, and I'm probably feeling a bit like my Dad was a decade ago. Tyler's going to beat me eventually, but I'm going to hold on for as long as I can before I let that happen :)

In other chess news, Jordan hasn't made his first move yet. Lots to ponder on that first move, I know, but you can probably make a mistake on this one move, and still come back to beat me, buddy! OK OK, he's got a lot of work going on, but he deserves a bit of ribbing.

Played in a couple more poker blogger tournies last night, including The Mookie and The Dookie! Guess which one I did better in? Right! Love that Green Day album! The Mookie had 74 runners, and I finished 62nd. I was greedy and got burned, not much else to say there! However, I did outlast Jordan by one slot, which we should probably factor into our chess game by him losing a pawn or something fair like that. In The Dookie, I got a little lucky and ended up finishing 3rd out of about... 14? I cashed, which was nice, but it was probably only for $10 or something--I think that win covered my entry fees for the night. Didn't I mention I'm a break-even poker player somewhere?

Basketball was fun today, got out of work a little late--which made me right on time for bball! I ended up playing from just before noon to about 2:30pm. We had a pretty good squad. We were all in our 20's, could run, could shoot and could play defense. It was a nice change from a few of the teams I've been on lately :) I caught fire to start the afternoon, and was 5 of 6 from 3-point range. This got some attention, and I wasn't able to get the open looks for long. The only games we lost were on the 'winner's' court, so we played pretty much non-stop for 2 1/2 hours. I'm pooped!

Survivor tonight. Such a tool, but so addicted I can't help myself. Alex is supposed to be a ninja this episode, refraining from all contact with the tribe. I can't really see this being entertaining television, but maybe the producers will toss him a katana and a black ninja outfit. I'm not holding my breath.

I'm in a creative writing mood, and for some reason James Bond in Siberia popped into my head in the shower. Dare I try to create a James Bond scene out of my imagination?

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Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Chinese Poker is like Paigow. .YOu have to make three hands two 5 card hands and one three card hand 13 cards so max people who can play is 4). the back hand has to be higher then the middle hand and the front hand is the scraps. in the three card hand flushes and str8s dont count. you have to set your hands and then lay them face up.

Google the rules they are out there. Pauly and CHange100 have a chinese poker world tour going on.

8:31 PM  
Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Chinese poker may have to just be my new game! Can't wait to get the "6 pairs" royalty.

World Tour? I'm in!

9:45 PM  

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