Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ho boy

I had a good time last night for Halloween, but I'm paying for it today. I'm not very mobile, so I've spent the morning and early afternoon drinking orange juice and playing some good ol' online poker. I fired up a 180-person SNG and river-rafted for a few hours, laying enough beats to start some fun conversations in the chat box. One guy wouldn't call me MHG, he always referred to me as "ATC." When I started taking the beats instead of doling them out, I busted just short of the money in 20th.

Halloween was fun. I got invited to a party over in Kirkland with a few of the young ladies from my teaching program. They were the only ones I would know at the party, so I was hesitant about going, which is the same issue I faced going to Matt's Halloween party downtown. I did not want to stay in again this year, as I've been known to do in the past. The decision was a tough one, but I finally decided to hit the Kirkland party when I found out there would be beer pong, hot tubbing, and my tall, blond friend Jenny dressed up as a femmebot:

I've never been to a big Halloween party where the girls dress slutty before, and I can't really see myself going to many more in the future, so I went for it. It was a great party, and the girls did not disappoint. The three femmebots were all smoking hot and I distinctly remember a sexy bee with golden glitter on her flat stomach. There was also a hot devil in some sort of skin-tight red costume that either had holes in it, or used some sort of magic to reveal skin at various locations. The girls were ridiculously hot at the party, and the guys were hilarious. The host had a full batman suit, including wings that extended for a 12-ft wingspan. Scuba Steve, Ulysses S. Grant (in full Union regalia), Ghost Busters, and everybody's favorite: big fat guys dressed as girls.

Brad Gilbert's niece was at the party, and I was dressed as a tennis player, so she introduced herself. Brad Gilbert has coached Agassi and Andy Roddick over the years. I also ran into someone from UPS who graduated with a business degree the same year as I did--small world. Played a few rounds of beer pong, which I have not done since last summer. The domination picked up where it left off. There were two tables set up and an interesting rules question came up on the table next to us: if the ping pong ball gets stuck in the opposing girl's cleavage, is it an auto-win? I think so.



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