Thursday, October 23, 2008

Live-Blogging the Numbnuts!

Anyone else doing the same?

I'm hoping for an all-in family pot the first hand.

And I'm shooting for an M of 500 by the break.

And I'm adding to the list of Over/Unders with a finish time of 10PM PST.

--6pm PST--
We've got 30 minutes until the mayhem and 77 horses have signed up. First place is leaving with a minimum of $2.46. Second is $1.50. Third place won't make their buy-in back at $1.08.

MHG O/U prop #2: First place prize money will be $275

Looking down the list of entrants, how about this for a fearsome foursome:


I have no idea who Maniac57 is, but those other three are dangerous. DANGEROUS!

It begins...

First hand:


First walk of the night for DDionysus, VinNay up to 61,000 chips... 8 minutes in.

New table with 4k chips, bleh.

Up to 28k chips! Huzzah!

Folded the hammer to Shaub's big raise... his two pair would have beat my two pair.

Sucked out on, then drop the hammer, back up to 25k!

JTo holds up! 45k! That picture didn't turn out too well, fuck pictures!

Schaubs can eat a dick, his 5h3h owns my TT and drome's AA with turn and river 3's.

21 minutes in and LJ is in the lead with 171,020 chips. Four players have bailed and shall be forever blacklisted on this blog:
96)riv3r maker

That is, unless their connections killed them, because I can relate to that suckery.

I'm getting shit for folding. FU, berators!

42k, time to pull away from the pack (at least the pack at 2k). Chip leader is over 300k.

Balls, back down to 2k, 7d6d no goot!

ScottMc at 552k chips, 19 minutes left on rebuy!

Closing in on 3500 rebuys...

At 16k, I'm done with rebuying and it is dinner time, I'll be back in a bit.

Back in the game! First hand I pop it all-in with 98o and take out a shorty. Oh damn, it isn't the rebuy still, my bad.

Looks like the punks bullying me into pushing every hand went out a while ago, serves them right. Bullying never pays. You play your game, I'll play my game, even if it is weak/passive. It is my dime, damnit!

Tournament stats:
ScottMc in the lead with 540k
1st place prize: $146.72
Places paid: 9
Players remaining: 44
Total number of rebuys: 4417
Prize pool: $458.50
Time remaining: This is going to last waaay past 10pm PST

Just got out of the hot tub, I'm not a good blogger, nor good poker player.

Just pushed with A8s and was ousted by Blazman with JTo, out in 31st. Not my best $5 ever spent, but I had a good time!



Blogger The Wife said...

You in for an impromptu home game on this weekend (Saturday)?

Let me know . . . bring whoever.

10:26 PM  

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