Sunday, June 06, 2010

Photo Week 22: Career Change?

It was two or three years ago when I made off like a bandit in Jordan's Chess tournament. At the time I considered myself a professional chess player, because it was 100% of my income. Silly, but true.

My Dad and I played a round of golf last Saturday afternoon at the Greenlake par 3 course. It was raining and only seven scores under 32 had been made all week (and the top ten got prizes). I ended up shooting a one-over 28 to make it to 4th on the leaderboard. I had to pay a dollar to enter my name on the tourney list, and I kind of felt like that was the last I would see of dollar #9100856655...

Imagine the shock on my face when I found this postcard in the mail from the Greenlake Golf Course this Thursday, informing me of my two free greens fees and entrance into the end of the year tournament!

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