Sunday, May 02, 2010

Photo Week 17: Fore!

Saturday saw me and a few friends outside playing 18 holes of golf on a windy and sporadically wet Seattle May Day.

For the past week, I've been looking forward to golfing with this group. All I knew about the other three players is that Jared hasn't played much golf and did not have his own set of clubs... here's how the lineup turned out:

Jared: Beginner. No clubs, had to borrow my dad's old set of clubs.

Your hero: Beginner-intermediate. I've played forever, but usually only a few times a year. I'm a duffer. Sub-100 and I'm happy.

Erin: Her birthday was last week, and I saw that she "likes" golf on her Facebook, so that is what got this foursome started.

Breanna: One of Jared's new girlfriends? ???

So, that's my lineup going in, not really sure what to expect, but knowing that I'll have a fun day with Jared and the ladies.

It turns out Erin's dad is the golf pro at the country club in the town in Montana she grew up in. Her form is perfect, and probably can shoot in the 80s if she played more. Breanna played competitive golf growing up and says she had a 10 handicap when she was 16. Holy Jesus girls with good golf strokes are hot, I don't know what it is, but wow.

The ladies weren't playing great, as it was their first round of the season, but it was also easy to tell that they knew what they were doing and are way, way better at golf than yours truly. They set up their putts and put a little ball marker down, which is way more professional than anything I do on the golf course.

I filled up my golf bag with eight PBRs, and Jared stuffed his bag with a 6-pack of tall boys. Here is the score card:

This is the first time... maybe ever, that I didn't keep score. We were having a great time, and Breanna said it was the first time she has ever drank on a golf course--she had always taken golf so seriously growing up, and I guess she hasn't played a ton of golf since she turned 21 (and I have no idea how long ago that was). I set a skins-handicap system in place: if you won a hole outright, you had to drink a beer. Breanna started out hot, but the beer didn't loosen up her game like it did mine!

Erin and her friend Sarah left us after the front nine (Sarah just tagged along, as she surprised Erin with a visit for the weekend). The backside was pretty chill, and my favorite hole was the 11th. Big fairway to drive the ball down, and of course I drive it into the 10th fairway with my natural slice. My second shot I hit my 4-iron about 180 yards between two trees and around a third, landing presumably close to or on the green. I have trouble finding my ball, and finally find it about 20 yards from the pin... on the cart path. I decide to play it from the cart path instead of kicking it off, and the good karma got rewarded with a chip-in birdie!

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Blogger DrChako said...

Nice. My back nine was great. One over from 10 through 15. Parred 18, too. I just need to stop trying to kill the ball. Boring golf is good golf.


9:59 PM  

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