Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo Week 16: Theft and Garbage Strike

I got my car radio stolen last week. I reported it to the police, mostly just to let them know where and when it happened, in hopes to prevent future thefts. The fact that I drive a Honda Accord that is older than 2000 is the prime reason I got broken into. A student of mine who used to be a car thief, says you can just shave off the bottom of a Honda Accord key, stick it in the lock and jiggle it until the door unlocks. Greeeat. I don't think I'm going to invest in another radio, if that is the case! Bastards stole my $20 racquetball racket, too.

The Waste Management garbage and recycling workers went on strike this week. This is a photo of day 2 of the strike, earlier this week, I'll probably take another photo next week, and for however long the strike goes on, to see if we can get some good garbage accumulation up here north of Seattle. Some part of me hopes that people see just how much garbage they make, and maybe, just maybe, tone down their consumption. Not gonna happen, but one can hope.



Blogger alan said...

That sucks. At least they didn't break the window to get it, though. I had my ipod stolen from my car once, and the getting the window fixed was twice as expensive as replacing the ipod.

12:01 AM  

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