Monday, May 31, 2010

Night Cap

Played the Daily Dollar this evening after a rainy morning of ultimate and a sunny afternoon BBQ.

I saw Aposec72 at one of my tables, his QQ got busted by TT AIPF, then he got 2-outted again to bust from the tourney a few hours in. My player note on him going into the tourney was "folds a lot and then gets bad-beat with good hands." Spot on!

I saw SmBoatDrinks at a later table, and that name is super familiar, but I can't remember if he is a blogger or where I know that name from. Anyone?

(edit: after a quick search I found his blog and linked it)

Ended up running fairly deep in the tourney to end a very nice Memorial Day Weekend. Golf, ultimate, friends, drinks, poker, and a new lady friend?! TBC...



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