Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game is not hunting humans on an island, it is this fun new game I played last night. The game is a mix of Pictionary and captions. Everyone starts out with a piece of paper and writes out a phrase or a sentence for the person to their left to draw. Papers get passed, drawings get drawn, and then the paper is folded to only reveal the most recent addition (whether it be a drawing or a caption). Paper gets passed and the next person creates a caption from the picture, and folds the paper over to only reveal the newest addition. The game ends when you all get your original papers back (write your name at the bottom or back side).

I snapped a picture of a paper from our first round last night:

Hard to make out if you don't click through for the blown up size, so I'll recap the action:

The paper begins with "You have very little dignity."

Then someone draws what looks to be a baby with a lollipop, then the baby crying, and then the baby crying with no lollipop and a thief running away with the lollipop.

The next person writes the caption: "They capped lollipopman could fly. He could also cry like a little girl on a whim, but mostly he was blind to the world as it flew by him."

The next drawing looks like a happy caped person with a lollipop, with an arrow pointing to a crying caped person with a lollipop.

The next caption: "this popickle tastes like shit"

And finally a drawing of a smiling popsicle on the toilet.


Out of all of the papers, I think this one was probably the cleanest, and it still ended up with a popsicle taking a poop. Others got really dirty, really fast, which makes it the most dangerous game to play if you are looking for good, clean fun... not going to happen with this game!

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