Sunday, January 11, 2009

Portland = A Blur

When Andrew was up in Seattle for Xmas, he invited me on a trek down to Portland on the 10th of January for a weekend of debauchery and the Blazers game against Golden State. January 10th crept up on me, and I did not realize it was THIS weekend until about Wednesday. Interstate 5 closed down between Seattle and Portland due to the flooding on Thursday, and we weren't sure if the trip was still on until Friday afternoon, and checking the WSDOT cameras--finding a clear and open I-5.

I just emptied my pockets from the trip and found:
1) a box of matches
2) a sheet of paper for a free Taco Bell Chalupa
3) an empty wallet

A group of seven made it down Friday night, myself included, and we went out to a bar a few blocks from Andrew's house. We met Andrew, Rebecca and BAM at the bar, and they had already run up a $60 tab on appetizers and $2 well drinks... I didn't even bother trying to catch up. Talk of some sort of egg-meat-fried concoction at a different bar had us changing locations. At the new bar (which ended up being out of said concoction), BAM and I played cribbage with the pub crib board and cards, and the server handed me a box of matches. I was not entirely sure what to do with the matches, then realized there were no pegs for the crib board. Matches as pegs work very well, and definitely spice the post game losing tantrums up! (I won)

The free Taco Bell Chalupa came from the Blazers game. After an abysmal first quarter, Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden came back and put up 115 points against Golden State's 100. For eclipsing 100 points, the Blazers won their fans free chalupas. When Portland hit 97 points, the jumbotron started flahing CHA-LU-PA! and the fans started going crazy. It was very annoying. The basketball game was a five point game with four minutes left, and I was trying to watch the fucking game! The chalupa was good though, and tided me over until breakfast the next day at 2pm.

My wallet started the trip with $80. $10 went to gas, $25 went to the bball ticket, and $40 went to food and drinks, and the most important $5 was spent at Ground Kontrol!

I felt like I was in a weird vacuum the entire trip, and time zoomed forward. There did not really seem to be a plan besides the basketball game, and we materialized at Ground Kontrol after kicking the soccer ball around the city streets. We spent an hour kicking the ball at the Lloyd Center park. We watched the Eagles beat the Giants, we watched Blade: Trinity, and we watched half of Predator 2. It would have been nice to see Stacey while I was in town, but the day and a half lasted about two snaps. I brought my laptop down and didn't even get a chance to open it!

Made it back to Seattle at 5:40pm tonight. Hit the bathroom, then headed out to Mary Ann and Kristy's for some Settlers of Catan with Eddie and the ladies. I got decimated in Catan, then got brutalized at the Game of Life. Looking forward to some more fun game nights with those fun people.

Not really sure what this week has in store, but looking forward to being busy with school!

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