Thursday, May 10, 2007

Very Slow Migration

After hacking around a bit tonight on the ol' internet, I decided that blogger is falling behind. Wordpress just seems to have more useful options, including importing and exporting--which is what I've been doing tonight. I've created a few different blogs over the years, dating back to April 2003, and it seems like a shame to have them just floating out there in nothingness.

My goal tonight was to get all of the blogs under one roof, which I eventually accomplished after a few hours of searching for answers. I've got all the different blogs (and all the comments!) at

I'm not too happy with the style or the advertising at Wordpress, but I do like the fact that I was able to get everything in one place. I'm a bit dumb-founded as to why Blogger wouldn't allow me to import my old livejournal posts and comments into the blogger journal--not doing so may force me to move on.

There are also a few gripes I have with the Wordpress template. I don't like the skinniness of the page. It is so skinny it cut off Ichi's head in one of the pictures! Nobody cuts of Ichi's head! Also, the embedded you tube and photobucket videos don't seem to run on wordpress. Wordpress has its own tags for youtube (which is [youtube=URL], which is easy enough... but I haven't found a way to embed photobucket videos yet.

Archiving to my standards is really going to be a pain. Every post needs a label, every post with a picture or video needs to be checked out. It will be a pretty big time-sink, but it'll also probably be a fun stroll down memory lane.

I'm not too keen on staying at Wordpress, but I'm not really sure what my other options are. Jared and Tessa have their own domain names, but that probably costs something, and also might involve another migration from Wordpress to xxx domain? I'm not in a huge rush, and for right now I'm content to stay on blogger and occasionally update the wordpress account to keep it accurate.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!



Blogger Falstaff said...

Search wordpress templates for ones that stretch, that'll get rid of the skinny problem. I like the "tiga" template that I use on for this, as I hate skinny text templates. Go look at it, and if you like it, hit me up and I'll email you the .zip file. Johnhartness AT gmail DOT com.

5:57 AM  

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