Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ride with Hector and Safeway Checkout Fun!

I'll start off with a prompt:

There is a frat-boy looking guy behind you in the Express lane at Safeway. What is the funniest single purchase he could make? Think about it...

Monday is one of my two full days of work, so not much to report from yesterday. I left work right at 5pm, and was walking out the door with Hector, who also rode his motorcycle to work. He suggested we take a little ride up to Emerald Bay. I'd already been there three times in the last week, but who am I to turn down a bike trip??

It was fun riding with him up to the cove and back. He's got a 250cc bike as well. I think it is a Honda, but I'm not sure what model. I hadn't ridden with anyone else before, and it was pretty educational. He got off the line a lot quicker than I did at any stops we made, but I was cornering and moving faster than him for the most part. We switched the lead a few times, and it felt a lot like following Andrew skiing. You can learn a lot by mimicking a better rider, then adopting what aspects you like about their riding style, and keeping your own unique style in other areas.

I'm hesitant to bust it like he does right away--I asked him when we were chilling up at the lookout, and he said he shifts gears at about 9k or 10k rpm. I've only hit 9k rpm once! Part of that is me wanting to break in the bike "correctly" and the other part is wussdom, or possibly I just enjoy taking it easy at the start. Revving to 10krpm every stop light seems like a major waste of gas (although I have no evidence to back that up with).

In frightening (to me) news, I called the Kawasaki shop to setup my 500mi service appointment after work today, and the guy said they are booked solid until June 7th. June 7th is the day I leave for Vegas. Not good! The bike is already at 600 miles, and I thought I had planned it out pretty well until I found out about this Memorial Day backup. The unofficial start of biker-season, apparently--and I only thought Memorial Day was special because of the Bryant Blast and the opening of the pools in Seattle! I did end up getting an appointment for June 12th though.

From perusing the motorcycle forums, the 500mi service doesn't seem like it would take terribly long. The guy at the shop said most people just drop off their bikes overnight. That isn't very convenient for me... and also, for some reason I was under the expectation that the first service would be free. Not so. People on the Kawasaki forums have spent anywhere from $100 to $300 on the first service. Ouch!

I talked with the guy a bit, and he said if I still want to go to Vegas, I will definitely need to change the oil before going, and possibly the oil filter, and I'll also need to lube the O-ring chain. Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out what all I need to do that. Youtube is great, in that there are a few videos of people showing how to perform both operations, in plenty of detail. Oil pan, funnel, paper towels, 2 quarts of 10W40 motorcycle oil, and chain lube are things I will likely need to pick up in order to get those two maintenance things done. Wish me luck!

Basketball today was mucho fun, and after a slow start, I got on a very underestimated team and we ran the court for a good five games. We were all quick, liked to cut, and could shoot--pretty potent! I filled up the gas tank after basketball, 160 miles = 2.5 gallons of gas = $10--not bad! Then I hit Safeway and got some turkey for me and Ichi, some cheaper-than-haagen daas ice cream bars, cheese and lettuce--and headed to the Express lane...

Older lady in front of me. Frat boy behind me. I'm trying to think of anything the frat boy could have been purchasing that would have made me laugh any harder--tampons? non-alcoholic beer? rubber gloves? I don't know... but when I was finished checking out, and was in the process of tossing my stuff into my backpack...and saw... Axe Body Spray! I laughed out loud, tried to control my laughter, then hi-tailed it out of there.

Before today, I was pretty sure those Axe Body Spray commercials were just subliminal advertising for some huge corporation like Nike or Pepsi. Axe! (buy Pepsi) Body Spray will make you Oooohh (buy Pepsi) so attractive to women (Pepsi).

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