Saturday, May 19, 2007

Afternoon Pit-stop

Well, I nixed the Sacramento trip, and didn't get ahold of Dirk--so I rode down to Trader Joe's in Carson and picked up a few things this morning. Trader Joe's is probably my favorite store in the entire world. Cheap wine, cheap everything really, and it is sooo good. I got a few enchilada packets today and just wolfed one down--it is exactly what I was looking for. A quick snack that is filling.

Instead of coming back on highway 50, I rode down past Walley's Hot Springs and up Kingsbury Grade. To give a picture of where I've gone so far, here is a little map I whipped up on Google maps:

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The blue is where I've been so far. This isn't every trip, just the longer ones I've taken. The ride around the lake was the longest so far, then probably the ride I took this morning that started in Zephyr Cove, up through Glenbrook, over to Carson, then down to Genoa and back up Kingsbury Grade to Zephyr.

When I passed Walley's Hot Springs this morning, there was a wedding taking place. It didn't look terrible, but... a wedding?? at Walley's Hot Springs?! For their sake, I hope they met there, or maybe have a parent who owns the Hot Springs, because I'm not sure what type of person passes by Walley's and thinks, "You know, I'd like to get married here!"

OK, time to get out and enjoy the sun and snap a few more pictures!



Blogger staceyface said...

have you had the peanut butter pretzels from tj's? if not, you must. oh my goodness.

they're moving the one in the hollywood to the old 24 i won't have to hate having to go to trader joe's anymore because it takes 20 minutes to park and another 20 just in line. yay!

4:12 PM  
Blogger meanhappyguy said...

Hah! The first night I moved here from Nevada City, Jen had some of those Peanut Butter pretzels laying out on the kitchen table. I read "Butter Pretzels" and ate one anyways, because I was curious. Butter pretzels, gross! But yes, they are amazing.

1:14 PM  

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