Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beer Pong Pics!!

I got suckered into a game of beer pong last night with the house mates. I only had to work two hours today, no biggie! Highlight of the night was sinking not two, but THREE final-cup shots in a row, after the first two were rebutted (they sunk a ball in one of our cups). Sinking three shots in a row really isn't saying all that much when you look at the size of our table, but I also hit a rainbow shot, and a shot from the stairs, so all-in-all it was a productive shot night. The pong was lots of fun as usual, but this time after stretching the win streak to 7 games, I lost all my other games last night. Losing at beer pong sure has you drinking a lot more beer than winning, or so it went last night. I was in control until losing 1v1 against Gina. 1v1 beer pong is tough stuff.

Everyone plays beer pong differently. Some whackos even use paddles (Emily Young, Kristen--any other damn Whitman Missionaries??). The girls tend to come up with new rules every time I play, but I added the "no shooting until you've finished your drink" rule. No babying your drinks in my house!

In hindsight, I'm the biggest babier in the group, so I was only hurting myself. Add to that the one on one game, and I had a hard time keeping the room from spinning when I put my head down last night. I finished off a cup of water before bed, but that didn't do much to counteract the six or so beers I'd had in the previous 90 minutes.

I woke up very slowly this morning. It was a nice day to ride my bike to work for the first time, but I was in no shape--so I drove. When I made it to work, I was reminded of our luncheon. Double-edged sword! Happy for the free french dip, but in a world of pain because my two hours at work just turned into five. I volunteered to go grab the food, and I hit Ace hardware to pick up a few necessities for the bike. I'm proud to say that the ninja now has shelter! In the form of a blue tarp! I also grabbed two bungee cords for tying things down across the back of the bike (sleeping bag, tent?), some WD-40 and some motor oil. That ninja is going to be spoiled rotten.

I also spent $3 at Raley's on a very time-honored college tradition that I thought my house mates needed to experience.

That's right, Wiffle Ball. Our summer is going to be rocking!

In other exciting motorcycle news (I'm sure you haven't had enough yet, right???), I'm taking the bike on its first real test next weekend over to Nevada City for a weekend-long ultimate frisbee tournament. It'll be fun seeing Kristina for the first time since I moved out two months ago. I'm looking forward to catching up and getting lots of ultimate in. I'll be playing with the Nevada City / Grass Valley pickup group--that I never actually got a chance to play with while I lived there. I did get to meet a few through social gatherings and hikes while I was there though, so the team won't be totally foreign--and there's always Kristina, she rocks the hizzouse at Ulti!

The little bike trip I took today had me exploring Kingsbury Grade. I didn't bring the camera along, but I did somehow manage to find the trail head for the Lake Tahoe Rim trail. That is the hike that goes 70 miles around the lake from Kingsbury Grade to Tahoe City. There are also plenty of spots to access the trail, so you can just do a few miles on a day-hike and still get the amazing views of the lake. Hopefully I can bike to a hopping on spot, take the camera and a lunch on a couple mile hike, then head back to the bike for a nice afternoon trek sometime in the near future. Dirk has expressed interest in getting some hiking in on the weekends, so I'll give him a buzz tomorrow and see what he's got going on this Saturday or Sunday. Jen also said something about going on a hike Sunday, but something tells me that will involve not much hiking and much more beer than I had in mind.

OK, OK, I've probably bored you long enough, here are the beer pong pictures, as advertised:

1) (from left to right) ???, Jen being sassy, and Cory wishing he was the one drinking the beer (with George and Cody in the background)
2) ??? happy about being up five cups to one (they ended up losing) and proof that Kristara spills more than she drinks (see pants)
3) Comical picture of Kristara. Not sure what to make of this one!
4) Loft-view BOOB SHOT!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I never said living with 20 year olds isn't fun! But some weeknights I do feel like Slurms McKenzie might drop by to keep the all-night party going strong.

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Blogger staceyface said...

what a tiny table! but i'd still give anything for some pong time. i'm a 20 year old! i think i'd have a hard time convincing anyone other than nate to play with me. but if you can handle one on one, obviously i can :P

take more pictures! i'm so jealous of all the hiking and loveliness you can do. maybe i'll go on a hike today and take some pictures in forrest park....

11:05 AM  

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