Sunday, December 24, 2006

Interesting O/8 hand at Tulalip.

I played O/8 at Tulalip for about 3 hours on Friday with a bunch of regulars. I was playing with "Walt" again, who is on the "Wall of Fame" at the casino--which I took to mean that he spends an amazing amount of time there.

About two hours in, a very interesting hand comes up, which I get some flack from the table for. I'll jump into the hand at the end--there are five of us at the river, and I'm holding the Ace, 2 for nut-low. The pot is already HUGE--easily over $100 in a $3/$6 game.

As the betting goes around, we check it to the person to my left, who fires. Everyone calls to me. I think about calling, then raise. Original raiser re-raises and everyone calls, including me.

I end up getting guff for re-raising with a low, because not one, but two other players have Ace, 2--so we end up getting sixthed! And of course, lose money.

I'm pretty sure that my raise wasn't a terrible play, seeing how five people were in the pot, and I doubted any of them were folding with that huge of a pot. The two people who gave me guff said that I was bound to be quartered, so I should have just called. My argument is that even being quartered, I'm making money.

Any thoughts?

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Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Just one thought. You were right. They were wrong. Plain and simple.

If there are 5 players in a pot, and you assume you will be quartered, AND you think that they will all call, then you are betting $6 to get an additional $30 into the pot (including your $6), and when that $30 gets quartered, you win $7.50 for a $1.50 profit.

In this case, you got sixthed (is that a new word?) and therefore only win $5, for a $1 loss. Therefore, even if you think that you are going to be quartered 50% of the time and sixthed 50% of the time (assuming that you KNOW you won't win it outright), it is still +EV (assuming, that all players will call.

This is one of those situations when you are right, they are wrong, but you don't need to correct them. Instead, use it to your advantage and try to tilt them by arguing with nonsense. I'd go with, "Wait, what does quartered mean?" or perhaps, "What are you doing calling with A2?!"

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