Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photo Week 8: Self-photo

This is mostly an insurance post, just in case I don't make it back in time tomorrow with pictures from Vancouver for the weekly photo challenge I've got going with Schaefer. It seems like he's abandoned his blog posting, which could be grounds for money being shipped my way... but he's kept up posting a photo a day on his Facebook, so I think I'll let it slide. On the other hand, my bankrolls on Full Tilt and Pokerstars *are* both getting dangerously low...


Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Contemplative, Defecating Me

Ever wonder what people in cars beside you are thinking? Ever wonder how much sheer brain power is happening within a mile of you? It kind of makes me think of The Matrix and how robots use energy from test-tube humans. A thought just popped into my head regarding which me is the real me. I know I'm a mix of all the mes... the happy ultimate frisbee playing and teaching me, the incredibly intelligent poker playing me, the idiotic drinking game me, the contemplative defecating me, the adventurous me, etc.

But there is something about being alone and by myself, usually when driving, running/biking, or falling asleep, that feels like the real me. I'm not influenced by anyone else, I don't have to put on a front, or try to entertain. I don't have to smile (a spooky side note, I was waiting for a light to change a few months ago and this woman in her 50s or 60s walked across the crosswalk with this incredibly large smile on her face, but the smile was so forced it was scary. I have no idea what possessed that woman to smile as she was walking down the street by herself, but I had this gut reaction that her smile was covering up something unhappy). When I'm in these "real me" situations, my brain is always going a mile a minute. I'm thinking about situations I'm in and all the different outcomes, which outcome I want, and how I might be able to get that by taking certain actions.

I wonder if the lady next to me in her SUV is just reciting her grocery list over and over again in her head, or if she, too, is tackling complex problems in her head.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Week 7: Sunny Seattle Weekend

One of my favorite days of the year is the first nice day of Spring. In Seattle, and I'm sure in other places around the globe that don't get much nice weather, the first nice day of Spring EVERYONE gets outside to bask in the sun's rays. It isn't quite Spring yet, but this weekend the thermometer nearly hit 60 degrees, and for February that is not normal.

At 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was out on my parents' back porch watching the sun go down. Their view is amazing now that two or three 80-100ft trees got cut down last year, looking out at the Olympic mountains and downtown Seattle. The fact that I can be in a hot tub and sipping wine while watching the sun set is all the more reason to be out on the back porch.

Here are a few pics from the weekend. First, I'm shadow-feeding my cat. Second and third are a few pictures from Golden Gardens this afternoon before setting off on a moto ride with Jrad.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photo Week 6: Ultimate Returns

I've started playing ultimate again more regularly the past few weeks. Last Saturday and Sunday, and then again this Saturday and Sunday. There are a few fun tournaments coming up this Spring, and I hope to be both in shape and also get my throws back to normal.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Any Survivor Fans?

Survivor on CBS is the only TV show (besides sports) I try to catch each week. I usually stick around to watch The Office and 30 Rock, but mostly because they are on right after Survivor.

Any of you bloggers also Survivor fans? Anyone want to get some bets in on the new season starting Thursday?

Here are a few bets I'm thinking of:

1) Will the winner be a villain or a hero? Push
2) Will the winner be a male or female? MHG: Male, Schaubs: Female
3) Which blonde will last the longest? Push FAIL
4) Will the youngest make it to the merge? (Amanda) Push
5) Will the oldest make it to the merge? (Randy) Push
6) Who will be voted out first? Push
7) Will a male or female be voted out first? MHG Wins! (Female)
8) Who will win the most individual immunities? MHG: JT, Sch: Colby Push
9) What will the ratio of men to women be at the merge? MHG: 3:2, Sch: 50/50
10) What will the ratio of heroes to villains be at the merge? MHG: 2:1, Sch: 50/50
11) How many will leave the show without being voted off? MHG: zero, Sch: 1
12) Tiebreaker: Overall winner (or last longer) MHG: JT, Sch: Stephanie

Got anymore bets to add?

$5 into the pool, winner take all. One point for each correct answer, most points wins. Tiebreaker is pick one player and whichever player lasts longer is the winner?


Monday, February 08, 2010

The Notebook

I finally saw The Notebook tonight. I've posted this YouTube link before a year or two ago on this blog, but after actually seeing the movie, this quick video is even more powerful.

Great movie on a lonely Monday night. I especially enjoyed the scenes where the couple contemplated their future, and that theme seemed to take up quite a bit of time in the movie. There are so many questions when two people fall in love, wondering if it will all work out. How do you truly know if someone loves you? Watching The Notebook makes me want to write a waiting to happen love story, because that is where I'm at right now. I've loved, I've liked for primarily physical reasons, I've stayed when the love was gone, and I've lost. Right now I'm searching and waiting. I could meet her anywhere.

It would be fun to write a story about where I'm at, and I'm sure where many other men and women find themselves as well. Wanting love, lusting for love, knowing it will happen sooner or later, but the longer we wait, the more impatient we become. It is sad to think about two people across the hall from each other, both looking for love, but neither wanting to take the first step. It is funny to think back to the times I've taken the first step and failed miserably. There is a pretty cute barista a friend of mine has the hots for, and I really hope one day he'll go up to her while she's working and ask her out to coffee... then smack his head and say "Stupid!" ala Chris Farley. I think that could get him a date.

In updated news, crazy dream girl is definitely crazy. She showed up to the super bowl party with her new boyfriend, which was a bit awkward, seeing how the last time we talked she was kissing me... then cut off communication. I tried to ignore her, but ended up being civil and joking it up with the two of them. After halftime, crazy dream girl came and sat down on the arm of the couch next to me and said she was sorry. Then she said her and her new boyfriend weren't dating, and that she would really like to get away with me sometime soon... so the guy she was calling "baby" all afternoon and kissing... she didn't consider herself dating... ??? I told her it would be fun to get outdoors, but that she is fucking psycho and although I'm sure the sex would be great, no thanks crazy bitch!

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Photo Week 5: Purple Toe

A) A poor toenail polish job
B) Got stomped on playing basketball
C) Won a kick-the-can game
D) Start of ski season (I love my boots)