Sunday, September 10, 2006

Everquest weekend~

This weekend brought me back. Spent a lot of time playing Everquest and poker while Stacey was either working or going to shows at Northwest Music Fest. On the poker front, it was a pretty bleak weekend. I started with a nice showing at the cash tables, and tried to parlay that to a big tourney (or 180man) win. I only played two 180man's this weekend and I finished 20th and 30th. Double-damn.

I was playing fairly well and catching some pretty good cards. I tripled up on the first hand with KK in one of the 180man's. I blew it on one bubble with ATs against AQo on a AKJ board. I've been playing these a little tighter and a little more aggressive and it seems to be paying off. Well, not literally... but it was fun?

I also played one $10 MTT after feeling good about my 180man performances. Lasted about 10 minutes. Lost a big pot when a guy chased a flush and hit on the river to my top set. Then lost with TT to AT all-in on a flop of all unders. Turn A, River A. Ouch!

Just finished up my last poker for the weekend, a $3 MTT. lost with AA to QJ all-in on a flop of KJ9. Turn Q, River Q. Double-triple damn!

One of these days I'll put together something fun and make a run :)

In EQ news, I'm having a blast!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Time is flying.

Stacey and I just purchased a new digital camera! Can't wait to test both the picture and movie taking out when it arrives next week. Just in time for our week in San Antonio to visit her mom and sister.

I've heard quite a bit of buzz about the San Antonio poker leagues for some reason, it might be nice to check out a game or two while I'm in town. I'll have three lovely ladies to escort me (Stacey, Ellen and their mom), so if anyone wants some nice company and knows where to find a (free?) game in San Antonio, let me know!

In fantasy football news, this season is going to be the best so far. Stacey's bro Scott set up a public/private league for a few of us (started private, then opened it up to others once we were all in). It should be a great mix between inside jokes and shit-talking.

Hoyazo's pro-pickem' league I am hopefully going to crush. I'm 2nd out of about 3,000 players after the first day. I'm tied for second right now, but originally had Pitt as my 3rd highest confidence. Had to bump them down a few notches because no Big Ben. I'm starting to regret that, but oh well.

I really like Carolina this year, but with no Steve Smith, I've got to bump them down against the Falcons too. This first week is a toughie. I've picked 7 games against the odds--we'll see how it works out for me...

I'm back on the mmorpg bandwagon. The original Everquest started up Progression servers in late June, and I started the first day. I only lasted about a week, because I was gone for all of 4th of July weekend and when I got back, all the dragons had been killed! Jeesus, that's some fast progression!

I didn't want to be behind the curve, and Stacey and I had a great summer of hiking and trips planned, so I cancelled the account after the first month. The Sleeper server is starting on Velius today, which is many people's favorite expansion. I know I will never catch up to the people unlocking new servers, but I've decided that I don't want to necessarily be at the cutting edge.

My plan is to create a guild (Maiden Voyage) which goes through all of the content in the game at its own pace. I'm planning to start on the Old World and Kunark raiding at Halloween. If any of you poker players are interested in some old-school everquest fun, give our recruiter Ashana a tell on the Sleeper server.

On the poker front, I can't wait for the DADI in a few weeks, hopefully I can get computer access in San Antonio for that one and show all of you guys how a donkey plays HORSE!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Did my 2nd annual Coast Trip this weekend with my 3 good friends (since about 1st grade) and their girlfriends (except Marc's, who had to get ready for her 2nd year teaching).

It was amazing, like last year. We rented a house *on* the beach, this time in Ocean Park, WA. The house had four bedrooms, five TV's, a pool table, two garages, and yes... it was on.the.beach.

Friday night we drank heavily, starting with Chandeliers and moving on to Kings. Woke up on Saturday to a bacon and eggs breakfast and a sunny view of Long Beach. After breakfast the guys played a best-ball golf game at the local 9-hole course. Tyler and I narrowly lost to Marc and Andrew--it was a blast. I've always wanted to play, but we usually just settle on skins play. I like the fact that there is some room for failure playing best-ball--also, more opportunities to go balls-out when your partner hits a good first shot.

We made our way back to the beach house afterwards and strolled out to the beach. It was probably 80 degrees on the beach, which is *not* the norm for Washington beaches. We kicked the volleyball around, tossed the football and frisbee around in the afternoon. Made it back inside and the rest of the weekend was spent drinking, laughing, playing super mario bros, tetris, dr. mario, 9-ball and sardines.

It brought back some great memories from middle-school, high-school and college--which I sorely missed. I'm still recovering from all of the drinking, but the weekend was a great escape.

Haven't missed poker that much, but I'm heading off to the pub game tonight for some entertainment. Work is going surprisingly well, even as a corporate drone. My co-workers are great people, which makes it much easier to say, "sure!" to "can you input 2000 returned envelopes into a spreadsheet for me, please?"

Pushup-Challenge is going great. Getting up to a steady 50 a day right now and I'm feeling muscles above my boobies, which isn't usual for me. I'm wondering how many different things I could improve dramatically if I just DID it for a week or two straight. I bet I could learn languages, learn how to cook, get in shape... yada yada... if I just had incentive of rich friend who would buy me into large poker tournaments if I did. Shoot.

Next trip: San Antonio!

Does anyone out there have some advice on getting a good digital camera? Stacey and I are going to purchase one soon, as ours can no longer zoom out, take video, or change menu settings--the down arrow is broken. Not to mention it is getting old! (And is filled with sand?)