Friday, September 08, 2006

Time is flying.

Stacey and I just purchased a new digital camera! Can't wait to test both the picture and movie taking out when it arrives next week. Just in time for our week in San Antonio to visit her mom and sister.

I've heard quite a bit of buzz about the San Antonio poker leagues for some reason, it might be nice to check out a game or two while I'm in town. I'll have three lovely ladies to escort me (Stacey, Ellen and their mom), so if anyone wants some nice company and knows where to find a (free?) game in San Antonio, let me know!

In fantasy football news, this season is going to be the best so far. Stacey's bro Scott set up a public/private league for a few of us (started private, then opened it up to others once we were all in). It should be a great mix between inside jokes and shit-talking.

Hoyazo's pro-pickem' league I am hopefully going to crush. I'm 2nd out of about 3,000 players after the first day. I'm tied for second right now, but originally had Pitt as my 3rd highest confidence. Had to bump them down a few notches because no Big Ben. I'm starting to regret that, but oh well.

I really like Carolina this year, but with no Steve Smith, I've got to bump them down against the Falcons too. This first week is a toughie. I've picked 7 games against the odds--we'll see how it works out for me...

I'm back on the mmorpg bandwagon. The original Everquest started up Progression servers in late June, and I started the first day. I only lasted about a week, because I was gone for all of 4th of July weekend and when I got back, all the dragons had been killed! Jeesus, that's some fast progression!

I didn't want to be behind the curve, and Stacey and I had a great summer of hiking and trips planned, so I cancelled the account after the first month. The Sleeper server is starting on Velius today, which is many people's favorite expansion. I know I will never catch up to the people unlocking new servers, but I've decided that I don't want to necessarily be at the cutting edge.

My plan is to create a guild (Maiden Voyage) which goes through all of the content in the game at its own pace. I'm planning to start on the Old World and Kunark raiding at Halloween. If any of you poker players are interested in some old-school everquest fun, give our recruiter Ashana a tell on the Sleeper server.

On the poker front, I can't wait for the DADI in a few weeks, hopefully I can get computer access in San Antonio for that one and show all of you guys how a donkey plays HORSE!

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Blogger Doog said...

These guys are an easy-going bunch of good poker players. I highly recommend.

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