Sunday, September 10, 2006

Everquest weekend~

This weekend brought me back. Spent a lot of time playing Everquest and poker while Stacey was either working or going to shows at Northwest Music Fest. On the poker front, it was a pretty bleak weekend. I started with a nice showing at the cash tables, and tried to parlay that to a big tourney (or 180man) win. I only played two 180man's this weekend and I finished 20th and 30th. Double-damn.

I was playing fairly well and catching some pretty good cards. I tripled up on the first hand with KK in one of the 180man's. I blew it on one bubble with ATs against AQo on a AKJ board. I've been playing these a little tighter and a little more aggressive and it seems to be paying off. Well, not literally... but it was fun?

I also played one $10 MTT after feeling good about my 180man performances. Lasted about 10 minutes. Lost a big pot when a guy chased a flush and hit on the river to my top set. Then lost with TT to AT all-in on a flop of all unders. Turn A, River A. Ouch!

Just finished up my last poker for the weekend, a $3 MTT. lost with AA to QJ all-in on a flop of KJ9. Turn Q, River Q. Double-triple damn!

One of these days I'll put together something fun and make a run :)

In EQ news, I'm having a blast!

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Blogger slb159 said...

Ah, didn't know that you had me linked. I'll hafta mention you in a future post since, even though I'm a shitty poker player, I do get a fair share of readers. Thanks for the link man!

5:23 PM  

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